Siemens SITOR Fuse Link 3NE1224-0 Original Brand New


  • 3NE1224-0
  • Alternate Mfr Part Number:3NE1224-0
  • Class:Class gS
  • Current Rating:160 A
  • Primary Type:Fuse Links
  • Series:3NE Series
  • Size:NH1
  • Termination:Blade
  • UPC Code:662643083996
  • Voltage Rating:690 VAC

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Siemens SITOR Fuse Link 3NE1224-0


SITOR semiconductor fuses protect power semiconductors from the effects of short circuits because the super quick-response disconnect characteristic is far quicker than with conventional LV HRC fuses. They protect expensive devices and system components, such as converters with siemens fuses in the input and the DC link, UPS systems and soft starters for motors.

Panel mounting requirements have given rise to various connection versions and designs.

The fuses with blade contacts comply with IEC 60269-2 and are suitable for installation in LV HRC fuse bases, in LV HRC fuse switch disconnectors and switch disconnectors with fuses. They also include fuses with slotted blade contacts for screw fixing with 110 mm mounting dimension, whose sizes are according to IEC 60269-4.

Fuses with slotted blade contacts for screw fixing with 80 mm or 110 mm mounting dimension are often screwed directly onto busbars for optimum heat dissipation. Even better heat transmission is provided by the compact fuses with M10 or M12 female thread, which are also mounted directly onto busbars.

Bolt-on links with 80 mm mounting dimension are another panel-mounting version for direct busbar mounting.

The fuses for SITOR thyristor sets, railway rectifiers or electrolysis systems were developed specially for these applications.

To find out which LV HRC fuse bases and safety switching devices can be used with the SITOR fuses, please refer to: Protection devices → Fuse systems → 3NA, 3ND LV HRC fuse systems → LV HRC fuse bases and accessories

Fuse characteristics, configuration notes and the assignments of SITOR semiconductor fuses to the fuse bases and 3NP and 3KL safety switching devices can be found in the Configuration Manual, “Fuse Systems” at:.

The new size 3 type ranges have a round ceramic body instead of a square one. These series are characterized by small I²t values with low power dissipation and high capability under alternating load. The dimensions and functional dimensions correspond to the current standards IEC 60269-4/ DIN EN 60269-4 (VDE 0636-4).

The ordering data of the fuses is listed in ascending order of the rated voltage in the selection tables.


  • SITOR semiconductor fuses have a high varying load factor, which ensures a high level of operational safety and plant availability – even when subject to constant load change.
  • The use of Siemens SITOR fuses in LV HRC bases or Siemens switch disconnectors has been tested with regard to heat dissipation and maximum current loading. This makes planning and dimensioning easier and prevents consequential damage.
  • Our high standard of quality ensures good compliance with the characteristic curve and accuracy. This ensures long-term protection of devices.
Operational classes

Fuses are categorized according to function and operational classes. SITOR semiconductor fuses, in LV HRC design, are available in the following operational classes:

  • aR: for the short-circuit protection of power semiconductors
    (partial range protection)
  • gR: for the protection of power semiconductors
    (full range protection)
  • gS: The gS operational class combines cable and line protection with semiconductor protection
    (full range protection).
Parallel-connected fuses

Parallel-connected fuses offer maximum current and energy limiting that is clearly better than in the case of comparable single fuses. They also fulfill the special requirements for UL-certified fuses according to which fuses must be connected in parallel at the factory. Here is the original wording of the NEC document: “240.8 Fuses and circuit breakers shall be permitted to be connected in parallel where they are factory assembled in parallel and listed as a unit. Individual fuses, circuit breakers, or combinations thereof shall not otherwise be connected in parallel.”


Siemens 3NE1224-0, SITOR fuse link, with blade contacts, NH1, In: 160 A, gS, Un AC: 690 V, Un DC: 250 V, front indicator 3NE1224-0


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.578 kg
Dimensions 178.00 × 200.00 × 85.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

SITOR fuse link

design of the product

With blade contacts

design of an identification indicator

front indicator

design of the switching contact

With blade contacts, silver-plated

size of fuse system / acc. to DIN EN 60269-1


varying load factor (WL)


type of voltage / of the operating voltage


supply voltage

● at DC

250 V

switching capacity current

● acc. to IEC 60947-2 / rated value

100 kA

power loss [W]

● for rated value of the current / at AC / in hot operating state / per pole

24 W

operational current

● at 30 °C / rated value

160 A

● at 40 °C / rated value

160 A

● at 45 °C / rated value

160 A

● at 50 °C / rated value

158.4 A

● at 55 °C / rated value

156.8 A

● at 60 °C / rated value

155.2 A

● at AC / rated value

160 A

product description

Not non-interchangeable

mounting position

Any, preferably vertical

ambient temperature / during operation

● minimum

-20 °C

● maximum

50 °C

environmental category

-20 to +50 at 95% relative humidity




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