3NW7033 Siemens SENTRON Cylindrical Fuse Original Brand New


  • 3NW7033
  • Current Rating:32 A
  • Number of Poles:3
  • Primary Type:Fuse Holder
  • Series:3NW Series
  • UPC Code:754554924885

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Siemens SENTRON Cylindrical Fuse 3NW7033

SITOR cylindrical fuses protect power semiconductors from the effects of short-circuits because the super quick-response disconnect characteristic is far quicker than that of conventional fuses. They protect expensive devices and system components such as solid-state contactors, electronic relays (solid state), converters with fuses in the input and in the DC link, UPS systems and soft starters for motors up to 100 A.

The cylindrical design is approved for industrial applications. The cylindrical fuse link comply with IEC 60269.

Cylindrical fuse holder also comply with IEC 60269 and UL 512. The cylindrical fuse holders for 10 x 38 mm and 14 x 51 mm have been tested and approved as fuse switch disconnectors and the cylindrical fuse holders for 22 x 58 mm as fuse disconnectors according to the switching device standard IEC 60947-3. The utilization category and the tested current and voltage values are specified in the Table “Technical Specifications”.

The cylindrical fuse holders have been specially developed for the application of siemens fuse links with regard to heat tolerance and heat dissipation and are therefore not recommended for standard applications.

Cylindrical fuse bases do not offer the same comprehensive touch protection as the fuse holders, but have better heat dissipation. The single-pole cylindrical fuse bases for 14 x 51 mm and 22 x 58 mm allow modular expansion to multipole bases.


  • Cylindrical fuses have an extremely compact design and a correspondingly small footprint
  • The cylindrical fuses have IEC and UL approval and are suitable for universal use worldwide.
  • The use of SITOR cylindrical fuses in the cylindrical fuse holders and bases has been tested with regard to heat dissipation and maximum current loading. This makes planning and dimensioning easier and prevents consequential damage.

The use of siemens fuse holders as switch disconnectors expands the area of application of these devices and increases operating safety


Siemens 3NW7033, SENTRON, cylindrical fuse holder, 10×38 mm, 3-pole, In: 32 A, Un AC: 690 V


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.182 kg


product brand name


product designation

Cylindrical fuse holder

number of poles


operating voltage

● at AC / rated value

690 V

protection class IP


operational current / at AC / rated value

32 A


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