3NW7513-0HG Siemens SENTRON Original Brand New


  • 3NW7513-0HG
  • Current Rating:32 A
  • Number of Poles:1
  • Primary Type:Fuse Holder
  • Series:3NW Series
  • UPC Code:754554927749
  • Voltage Rating:600 V

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Siemens SENTRON 3NW7513-0HG


UL-approved fuse link are required for the protection of installations and devices that are to be operated in NAFTA countries. The Siemens fuse holders portfolio offers export-oriented mechanical engineering companies and plant manufacturers / OEM a wide range of harmonized, tested and certified solutions.

For the protection of frequency converters, soft starters and other power electronic components, our SITOR fuses are used, which – declared as special purpose protection devices – are certified as“Recognized Component”.

Line-side connection as well as many other supply areas (e.g. branch circuit protection) require fuses according to UL standard that are approved as UL-certified. Class CC and Class J fuses meet this requirement.

With a maximum rated current of 30A, the compact Class CC fuses link provide a space-saving solution for control systems, lighting installations, heating systems and small motors (e.g. fans). It should be noted, however, that according to NEC 210.20 (A) these may only be loaded with 80% of the rated current during uninterrupted duty.

Class J fuses are more robust in this regard due to their larger size. With rated currents of up to 600A, they cover a wide performance range. Fuse holders for mounting on 8US 60 mm busbar systems enable an efficient and cost-effective installation. They comply with European installation practices and offer comprehensive touch protection as well as a high degree of operational safety.


Siemens 3NW7513-0HG, SENTRON, fuse holder, Class CC, 1-pole, In: 30 A, Un AC: 600 V, respect national installation rules!


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.051 kg
Dimensions 92.00 × 215.00 × 63.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

Fuse holder

number of poles


operating voltage

● at AC / rated value

600 V

protection class IP


operational current / at AC / rated value

30 A



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