3RT2926-1BD00 Siemens SIRIUS Surge suppressor


  • 3RT2926-1BD00
  • Surge suppressor
  • Varistor 127-240 V AC/150-250 V DC
  • For motor contactors
  • Size S0

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Surge suppressor Siemens SIRIUS 3RT2926-1BD00


Surge suppressors

  • Without LED (also for spring-loaded terminal) sizes S00 to S3
  • With LED (also for spring-loaded terminals) sizes S00 to S3

All 3RT2 contactors and 3RH2 contactor relays can be retrofitted with RC elements or varistors for damping opening surges in the coil. Diodes or diode assemblies (comprising noise suppression diodes and Zener diodes for short break times) can be used.

The surge suppressors are plugged onto the front of size S00 contactors. Space is provided for them next to a snap-on auxiliary switch.

Varistors, RC elements or diode assemblies can be plugged onto the front of size S0 to S3 contactors. Exception: For size S3, the RC element is inserted on the front into the recesses to the left of the connection block.

Coupling contactors are supplied either without overvoltage damping or with a suppressor diode, varistor or diode connected as standard, according to the version.


The OFF-delay times of the NO contacts and the ON-delay times of the NC contacts increase if the contactor coils are attenuated against voltage peaks (suppression diode 6x to 10x; diode assemblies 2x to 6x; varistor +2 to 5 ms).


Surge suppressor, varistor, 127 … 240 V AC 150 … 250 V DC for motor contactors Size S0


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 31.00 × 55.00 × 17.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

surge suppressor

size of contactor


design of the surge suppressor

with varistor

● during storage

-40 … +80 °C

● during operation

-25 … +60 °C

type of voltage of the control supply voltage


● 1 rated value

50 Hz

● 2 rated value

60 Hz

● at DC

150 … 250 V

— at 50 Hz

127 … 240 V

— at 60 Hz

240 … 127 V

mounting position


fastening method


certificate of suitability


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