3RU2116-0BB0 Siemens SIRIUS Overload relay


  • 3RU2116-0BB0
  • Overload relay for motor protection
  • 0.14-0.2 A
  • Size: S00
  • CLASS 10
  • Screw connection
  • Auxiliary contacts 1 x NC/NO
  • Manual/automatic reset

Overload relay Siemens SIRIUS 3RU2116-0BB0


Mountable accessories for 3RU thermal overload relay

SIRIUS 3RU2136-4.B0 thermal overload relays

3RU21 thermal overload relays up to 100 A have been designed to provide current-dependent protection for loads with normal starting against impermissibly high temperature rises due to overload or phase failure.

An overload or a phase failure result in an increase of the motor current beyond the set rated motor current. Via heating elements, this current rise heats up the bimetal strips inside the device which then bend and as a result trigger the auxiliary contacts by means of a tripping mechanism. The auxiliary contacts then switch off the load by means of a contactor. The break time depends on the ratio between the tripping current and the current setting Ie and is stored in the form of a long-term stable tripping characteristic curve see .

The “tripped” status is signaled by means of a switch position indicator. The relay is reset manually or automatically after a recovery time has elapsed.

The 3RU2 thermal overload relays are suitable for operation with frequency converters.

The devices are manufactured in accordance with environmental guidelines and contain environmentally friendly and reusable materials. They comply with all important worldwide standards and approvals.

Use in hazardous areas

The 3RU2 overload relays are certified in accordance with both the European explosion protection directive (ATEX) and the international explosion protection standard (IECEx), see .

Article No. scheme


The Article No. scheme shows an overview of product versions for better understanding of the logic behind the article numbers.

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The most important features and benefits of the 3RU21 thermal overload relays are listed in the overview table in the “Overload Relays” node.



The 3RU21 thermal overload relays are suitable for customers from all industries who want to guarantee optimum inverse-time delayed protection of their electrical loads (e.g. motors) under normal starting conditions (CLASS 10, 10A).


The 3RU21 thermal overload relays have been designed for the protection of three-phase and single-phase AC and DC motors.

If single-phase AC or DC loads are to be protected by the 3RU21 thermal overload relays, all three bimetal strips must be heated. For this purpose, all main current paths of the relay must be connected in series.

Ambient conditions

3RU21 thermal overload relays compensate temperature in the temperature range from -40 °C to +60 °C according to IEC 60947‑4‑1. At temperatures from +60 °C to +70 °C, the upper set value of the setting range has to be reduced by a specific factor in accordance with the table below.

Use of SIRIUS protection devices in conjunction with IE3/IE4 motors


For the use of 3RU21 electronic overload relays in conjunction with highly energy-efficient IE3/IE4 motors, please observe the information on dimensioning and configuring, see .

Technical specifications


Overload relay 0.14…0.20 A Thermal For motor protection Size S00, Class 10 Contactor mounting Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw Manual-Automatic-Reset


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.143 kg
Dimensions 49.00 × 102.00 × 84.00 mm


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