3RV2021-4BA20 Siemens SIRIUS Circuit Breaker Original Brand New


  • 3RV2021-4BA20
  • Circuit breaker
  • Size S0
  • For motor protection
  • CLASS 10
  • A-tripping: 14–20 A
  • N-tripping: 260 A
  • Spring-loaded connection
  • Standard switching capacity

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Siemens SIRIUS Circuit Breaker – 3RV2021-4BA20


Siemens SIRIUS 3RV2 Series – Motor Starter & Circuit Breaker Protectors:

3RV2 motor starter protectors are compact current-limiting devices which have been optimized for load feeders. They are used for protecting and switching three-phase motors and other loads. The scalable setting ranges mean that a suitable motor starter protector can provide protection for all standard motors at ambient temperatures of ≤ 60 °C. 3RV2 motor starter protectors are uniformly fitted with rotary operating mechanisms.

The motor starter protectors are available with the following connection system options (in the main circuit) :

  • Screw-type connection system (up to 80 A)
  • Spring-loaded connection system (3RV2 only, in sizes S00 and S0 up to 32 A)
  • Ring cable lug connection system (3RV2 only, in sizes S00 and S0 up to 32 A)
  • Series Features:
  • Circuit-breaker for motor protection
  • Screw connection/ Spring clamp
  • Class 10
  • Impulse voltage resistance 6 kV
  • Insulation voltage 690V
  • Real loss power only 6/7W
  • Standard switching capacity
  • Approvals: CE / UL / CSA
  • Up to 20 % less power consumption than previous solutions
  • Three-phase motors up to 37 kW at 400 V AC
  • Loads with rated currents of up to 80 A
  • Compatible for use in all infeed systems (3-phase busbars, 3RA62), 3RV29 infeed2), 8US)
  • Reduced temperature rise in the control cabinet
  • Cost savings during operation
  • Motor starter protector combined with undervoltage release and contactor can be used as a Cat. 3 feeder in accordance with EN 951-1, SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 62061 or PL d 13849-1
  • 3RV2 motor starter protectors meet the requirements for motor and system protection according to IEC 60947-2 / DIN VDE 0660-101


Operating conditions

3RV2 motor starter protectors/circuit breakers are suitable for use in any climate. They are intended for use in enclosed rooms in which no severe operating conditions (such as dust, caustic vapors, hazardous gases) prevail. When installed in dusty and damp areas, suitable enclosures must be provided.

3RV2 motor starter protectors/circuit breakers can optionally be fed from the top or from below.

The permissible ambient temperatures, the maximum switching capacities, the tripping currents and other boundary conditions can be found in the technical specifications and tripping characteristics.

3RV2 motor starter protectors are suitable for operation in IT systems (IT networks). In this case, the different short-circuit breaking capacity in the IT system must be taken into account.

Since operational currents, starting currents and current peaks are different even for motors with identical power ratings due to the inrush current, the motor ratings in the selection tables are only guide values. The specific rated and startup data of the motor to be protected is always paramount to the choice of the most suitable motor starter protector/circuit breaker. This also applies to motor starter protectors for transformer protection.

Possible uses

The 3RV motor starter protectors/circuit breakers can be used:

  • For short-circuit protection
  • For motor protection (also with overload relay function)
  • For system protection
  • For short-circuit protection for starter combinations
  • For transformer protection
  • As main and EMERGENCY STOP switches
  • For operation in IT systems (IT networks)
  • In hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEx)
  • As circuit breakers according to UL 489 (3RV27 and 3RV28)
  • For fuse monitoring
  • For distance protection


Siemens 3RV2021-4BA20, SIRIUS Circuit breakers size S0 for motor protection, CLASS 10 A-release 13…20 A N-release 260 A Spring-type terminal Standard switching capacity 3RV2021-4BA20


Data Sheet In PDF

Weight 14.000 kg
Dimensions 400.00 × 600.00 × 310.00 mm


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