3RV2946-2C Siemens Door-Coupling Rotary Operating Original Brand New


  • 3RV2946-2C
  • Alternate Mfr Part Number:3RV2946-2C
  • Series:3RV2 Series
  • UPC Code:754554957975

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Siemens Door-Coupling Rotary Operating – 3RV2946-2C

The Siemens SIRIUS coupling door-coupling rotary operating mechanism is suitable for circuit-breakers. It has IP65 protection class with maximum temperature of 70 °C. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices, distribution systems as well as switches and sockets for safe and efficient electrical infrastructure in buildings and industry.

Door Couplings

Motor starter protectors with a siemens door coupling rotary operating mechanism can be mounted in a control cabinet and operated externally by means of a door-coupling rotary operating mechanism. When the cabinet door with motor starter protector is closed, the operating mechanism is coupled. When the motor starter protector closes, the coupling is locked which prevents the door from being opened unintentionally. This interlock can be defeated by the maintenance personnel. In the OPEN position, the rotary operating mechanism can be secured against reclosing with up to 3 padlocks. Inadvertent opening of the door is not possible in this case either

SIRIUS Operating Mechanism, Rotary Handle, Universal Handle Mounting Position, For Use With: S3 Circuit Breaker,

Additional Description: SIEM-3RV2946-2B DOOR-COUP. ROT. OPER. MECH. SIZE S3

Catalog Description: Door-coupling rotary operating mechanism,for circuit-breakers size s3,handle emergency switching-off new design


Siemens 3RV2946-2C, Door-coupling rotary operating mechanism for circuit breaker Size S3 Handle emergency switching-off new design


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 1.640 kg
Dimensions 239.00 × 301.00 × 125.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

door-coupling rotary operating mechanism for heavy-duty operating conditions

size of the circuit-breaker


design of the product

EMERGENCY OFF door-coupling rotary operating mechanism

suitability for use

circuit-breakers S3

● during storage

-50 … +80 °C

● during operation

-20 … +70 °C

operating frequency maximum

15 1/h

color of the actuating element

red / yellow

mounting position


fastening method

screw fixing


300 mm


40 mm

● forwards

0 mm

● backwards

0 mm

● upwards

0 mm

● at the side

0 mm

● downwards

0 mm

certificate of suitability


Test Certificates

other Marine / Shipping

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