3SU1150-0AB50-1BA0 Siemens SIRIUS ACT Pushbutton complete device


  • 3SU1150-0AB50-1BA0
  • Pushbutton (momentary)
  • Complete device with contacts and holder
  • 1 x NO
  • Flush
  • Colour: Blue
  • Front mounting
  • Protection rating: IP66/IP67/IP69K
  • Mounting diameter: 22.3 mm
  • Material: Plastic/Metal shiny
  • Connection: Screw terminals

Pushbutton complete device Siemens SIRIUS ACT 3SU1150-0AB50-1BA0



SIRIUS ACT is available in four design lines.


SIRIUS ACT enclosure

  • Direct connection of the enclosure to AS‑Interface or IO‑Link
  • Direct connection in the control cabinet to PROFINET, IO-Link or AS-Interface
  • Can be integrated easily via the TIA Portal
Easy handling
  • Self-holding function of the actuator when mounting
  • Twist prevention integrated into patented holder design
  • Stackable contact modules
  • Self-explanatory and fast installation using one hand
  • Components can be mounted with holder removed
  • No special tools required, simple size 2 screwdriver (cross-tip ISO 8764‑1‑PZD1, flat-head ISO 2380-1 A/B 1×4.5) is sufficient
Mounting dimensions

SIRIUS ACT is a modular system of pushbuttons and indicator lights with which customized variants can be configured flexibly.

One command point comprises:

  • An actuating or signaling element in front of the control panel
  • A holder for securing behind the control panel
  • Up to six contact modules and/or one LED module (mounted onto the holder), 1-pole contacts can be stacked
  • A comprehensive range of accessories for inscription/marking

Actuating and signaling elements

System overview of SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and indicator lights from the plastic design line, pushbuttons and indicator lights available in four design lines


SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET connects pushbuttons and indicator lights directly via PROFINET to the controller and HMI devices – including with Safety functions.

With this solution designed for the control panel, up to 21 SIRIUS ACT devices can be connected to the controller via PROFINET. Integration of the EMERGENCY STOP mushroom pushbutton (SIL 3, PL e) is possible via PROFIsafe.

Non-SIRIUS ACT devices, e.g. position switches, can additionally be connected via the open, digital/analog interfaces (DI, DQ, AI).

The system is entirely integrated into TIA Portal and does not require any further addressing apart from the IP address for PROFINET.

Quick and easy installation with flat cables without special tools saves significantly on wiring outlay.

ID key-operated switches

Groups of employees or individuals can be authenticated by means of the ID key-operated switch. The ID key-operated switch is electronic and has four switch positions that are selected by keys with different codes. Using the four ID keys with different codes, it is possible to select 1 to 4 positions.

The ID keys are color-coded (yellow, blue, red, green, white) so that they can be clearly differentiated at a glance and used flexibly thanks to four function levels.

RFID authentication solutions

Groups of employees or individuals can be authenticated by means of the ID key-operated switch. Color-coded keys for easy distinction between users

Different versions of ID key-operated switches are available depending on the following features:

  • Front ring material
  • Conventional variant: 1 + 4 non-isolated outputs
  • Variant with IO-Link: Option of individual coding

Insert ID key, turn key to select the position. Standard keys can also be used in conjunction with the electronic module for ID key-operated switches with IO-Link function. The white ID key is supplied without coding.

Ordering information for multi-unit packs

SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and indicator lights can also be ordered in various practical, environmentally friendly multi-unit packagings.

Multi-unit packaging with order code X90

When ordering products in multi-unit packaging, the Article No. of the product concerned must be supplemented with “–Z” and, in addition, the order code X90 must be specified.

Ordering example:

3SU1000‑0AB20‑0AA0‑Z X90;
100-unit pack (1 pack = 100 units)

Examples of a multi-unit packaging with order code X90

Multi-unit packaging with order code X05

When ordering products in multi-unit packaging, the Article No. of the product concerned must be supplemented with “–Z” and, in addition, the order code X05 must be specified.

Ordering example:

3SU1500‑0AA10‑0AA0‑Z X05;
5-unit packaging (1 pack = 5 units)

Examples of a multi-unit packaging with order code X05


Pushbutton, 22 mm, round, metal, shiny, blue, pushbutton, flat, momentary contact type, 1 NO, screw terminal


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.093 kg


product brand name


product designation


design of the product

Complete unit

product type designation


product line

Metal, shiny, 22 mm

manufacturer's article number

● of supplied contact module at position 1


● of the supplied holder


● of the supplied actuator


number of command points


design of the actuating element

Button, flat

principle of operation of the actuating element

momentary contact type

product extension optional light source


color of the actuating element


material of the actuating element


shape of the actuating element


outer diameter of the actuating element

29.45 mm

marking of the actuating element

Customized labeling, graphical symbols acc. to ISO7000 and IEC60417

number of contact modules


product component front ring


design of the front ring


material of the front ring

Metal, high gloss

color of the front ring


material of the holder


number of LED modules


product function positive opening


product component light source


insulation voltage rated value

500 V

degree of pollution


type of voltage of the operating voltage


surge voltage resistance rated value

6 kV

protection class IP

IP66, IP67, IP69(IP69K)

● of the terminal


degree of protection NEMA rating

1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13

shock resistance

● acc. to IEC 60068-2-27

Sinusoidal half-wave 50g / 11 ms

vibration resistance

● acc. to IEC 60068-2-6

10 … 500 Hz: 5g

operating frequency maximum

3 600 1/h

mechanical service life (switching cycles) typical

10 000 000

electrical endurance (switching cycles) typical

10 000 000

thermal current

10 A

reference code acc. to IEC 81346-2


continuous current of the C characteristic MCB

10 A; for a short-circuit current smaller than 400 A

operating voltage

● at AC

— at 50 Hz rated value

5 … 500 V

— at 60 Hz rated value

5 … 500 V

● at DC rated value

5 … 500 V

contact reliability

One maloperation per 100 million (17 V, 5 mA), one maloperation per 10 million (5 V, 1 mA)

design of the contact of auxiliary contacts

Silver alloy

number of NC contacts for auxiliary contacts


number of NO contacts for auxiliary contacts


type of electrical connection

screw-type terminals

type of connectable conductor cross-sections

● solid with core end processing

2x (0.5 … 0.75 mm²)

● solid without core end processing

2x (1.0 … 1.5 mm²)

● finely stranded with core end processing

2x (0.5 … 1.5 mm²)

● finely stranded without core end processing

2x (1,0 … 1,5 mm²)

● at AWG cables

2x (18 … 14)

tightening torque of the screws in the bracket

1 … 1.2 N·m

tightening torque with screw-type terminals

0.8 … 0.9 N·m

ambient temperature

● during operation

-25 … +70 °C

● during storage

-40 … +80 °C

environmental category during operation acc. to IEC 60721

3M6, 3S2, 3B2, 3C3, 3K6 (with relative air humidity of 10 … 95 %, no condensation in operation permitted for all devices behind front panel)

fastening method

front panel mounting

● of modules and accessories

Front plate mounting

shape of the installation opening


mounting diameter

22.3 mm

positive tolerance of installation diameter

0.4 mm

mounting height

11 mm

installation width

29.5 mm

installation depth

49.7 mm

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