3VA5110-4ED31-0AA0 Siemens Circuit Breaker Original Brand New


  • 3VA5110-4ED31-0AA0
  • Current Rating:100 A
  • Family Name:3VA Family
  • Number of Poles:3 Pole
  • Series:3VA Series
  • Type:Thermal/Magnetic
  • UPC Code:804766301001
  • Voltage Rating:480 VAC

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MCBs from the Siemens SENTRON portfolio meet the enhanced requirements of automated buildings and industrial power supply systems, e.g. in the automotive and semiconductor industry or in data centers. Compared to residential and functional buildings, these are usually more extensive and complex in terms of both network topology and operation. Electricity and production downtimes must be deliberately prevented in these cases using coordinated device combinations if economic losses are to be avoided. Our MCBs protect wires and cables in cases of short circuit and overloads, and also enable backup protection for switching devices and also semiconductor protection. They are therefore a fundamental component in end-to-end protection concepts for industry and infrastructure.

The right combination

The main purpose of Siemens circuit breakers is to permanently monitor and secure cables and wires in electrical systems. They also help protect humans against electric shocks when used in combination with RCCBs or as combined RCBO. Siemens Breakers combining the 5SY MCB with the 5SM6 arc-fault detection unit (AFDD) further expands the range of functions. An overview of all the combinations is provided below.

Strengths of the Breakers siemens in the SENTRON portfolio – your benefits

  • Convenient to install and connect
  • Uniform additional components
  • Consistent design
  • Ergonomically formed devices


Siemens 3VA5110-4ED31-0AA0, circuit breaker 3VA5 UL frame 125 breaking capacity class S 25kA @ 480V 3-pole, line protection TM210, FTFM, In=100A overload protection Ir=100A fixed short-circuit protection Ii=10 x In without connection


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.990 kg
Dimensions 35125254803-210.100100 × -10 mm


product brand name


product designation

Molded-case circuit breaker

product designation / according to UL file


Product version

System protection

design of the load switch / acc. to UL 489 / Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration circuit breaker (HACR Type)


design of the load switch / acc. to UL 489 / High-Intensity-Discharge circuit breaker (HID Type)


design of the load switch / acc. to UL 489 / Switching Duty circuit breaker (SWD Type)


design of the overcurrent release


protection function of the overcurrent release


number of poles


rated insulation voltage Ui

800 V

Max. rated operational voltage Ue with DC

500 V

power loss [W] / maximum

22.8 W

Active power loss / for rated value of the current / at AC / in hot operating state / per pole

7.6 W

mechanical service life (switching cycles) / typical

20 000

Electrical endurance (switching cycles) / at AC-1 / at 380/415 V 50/60 Hz

8 000

Electrical endurance (switching cycles) / at AC-1 / at 690 V 50/60 Hz

4 000

electrical endurance (switching cycles) / at 480 V

8 000

electrical endurance (switching cycles) / at 600 V

4 000

Neutral conductors / upgradeable/retrofittable


product function

● communication function


● other measurement function


marking / acc. to UL 489 / 100%-rated breaker


operational current

● at 40 °C

100 A

● at 45 °C

98 A

● at 50 °C

95 A

● at 55 °C

93 A

● at 60 °C

91 A

● at 65 °C

89 A

● at 70 °C

87 A

switching capacity class of the circuit breaker


breaking capacity maximum short-circuit current (Icu)

breaking capacity operating short-circuit current (Ics)

short-circuit current making capacity (Icm)

● at 415 V

75.6 kA

● at 690 V

7.5 kA

design of short-circuit protection

For switching power values in DC networks, see the 3VA molded case circuit breaker device manual; link to be found under Service & Support in the last chapter

breaking capacity current

● at 240 V

65 kA

● at 480 V

25 kA

● at 600 Y/347 V

14 kA

Adjustable response value current / lg min.

100 A

Ground fault protection / tripping switchable / I2t=ON/OFF


height [in]

5.51 in


140 mm

width [in]

3 in


76.2 mm

depth [in]

3.01 in

arrangement of electrical connectors / for main current circuit

Without connection

type of electrical connection / for main current circuit


product component

● undervoltage release


● voltage trigger


● trip indicator


number of CO contacts / for auxiliary contacts


product extension / optional / motor drive


protection class IP / on the front


ambient temperature

● during operation / minimum

-25 °C

● during operation / maximum

70 °C

● during storage / minimum

-40 °C

● during storage / maximum

80 °C

reference code / acc. to IEC 81346-2


certificate of suitability / as approval for NAVAL (no combat vessels) / supplement SB


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