3VA9233-0JA12 Siemens Box Terminal 3 Units Accessory Original Brand New


  • 3VA9233-0JA12
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Siemens Box Terminal 3 units accessory for: 3VA5 250 3VA9233-0JA12

Siemens 3VA Family | 3VA5 Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers – New Gen. One System. A Variety of Applications:

Requirements are increasing for cost-effective and energy-efficient operation of the electrical power distribution. Whether in industrial applications or buildings, our new 3VA molded case siemens circuit breakers offers safe, efficient and variable application options for low-voltage and medium-voltage power distribution. The 3VA molded case circuit breakers provides UL frame sizes covering 125A to 600A with the 3VA5 and 3VA6 models, as well as IEC frame sizes covering 100A to 630A with the 3VA1 and 3VA2 models.

Siemens  molded case circuit breakers meet both IEC 60947-2 and UL489 standards, and are suitable for global use. The system offers the best preconditions for switchgear manufacturers who export worldwide. You can use all functions of the molded case circuit breaker for plants that are operated in North America and in Europe and be completely confident of full compliance with the standards.


  • Up to 250 A, TM, 600 V, up to 100 kA
  • Tested in Accordance with UL489 and IEC 60947-2
  • Molded Case Circuit Breaker Portfolio Suitable for Global Use Thanks to UL and
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to the modular design of the internal and external accessories
  • Outstanding selectivity, for example, makes planning very simple
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques
  • All-round product support provided by integrated online support tools
  • For Protecting Cables, Electrical Loads, and Industrial Plants
  • 3VA5 with TMTU in 1- and 3-Pole Versions Up to 250 A
  • 3VA6 with ETU in Four Breaking Capacity Classes, 3- and 4-Pole Versions Up to 600 A
  • ETU 8-Series with Integrated Metering Function, Optimal Communication via Ethernet (Modbus TCP), Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS, or PROFINET
  • Extensive Range of Accessories for Flexible Function Expansions


Siemens 3VA9233-0JA12, box terminals 3 units accessory for: 3VA5 250,SIEMENS LOW VOLTAGE 3VA CIRCUIT BREAKER ACCESSORY


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.198 kg
Dimensions 120.00 × 190.00 × 30.00 mm


product brand name


product designation



Box terminal

designation / of the terminal


thickness / of the busbar / maximum


stripped length

0.8 in

connectable conductor cross-section

● for copper cable / stranded / minimum


● for copper cable / stranded / maximum

350 kcmil

● for copper cable / finely stranded / minimum


● for copper cable / finely stranded / maximum

350 kcmil

tightening torque / when using copper cables

● stranded

4 – 1 AWG: 70 lb-in
1/0 – 350 kcmil: 140 lb-in

● finely stranded

4 – 1 AWG: 70 lb-in
1/0 – 350 kcmil: 140 lb-in

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