5ST3011-0HG Siemens Auxiliary Current Switch Original Brand New


  • 5ST3011-0HG
  • Primary Type:External Accessories
  • Standards:UL 489
  • Type:Terminal Covers/Seals
  • UPC Code:754554968865

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Siemens Auxiliary Current Switch  – 5ST3011-0HG

Contactors with an NO contact as auxiliary contact (screw or spring-loaded terminals), Ident. No. 10E, can be expanded into contactors with 2, 4 or 5 auxiliary contacts according to EN 50012 using auxiliary switches. The identification numbers 11E, 22E, 23E and 32E on the auxiliary switches apply to the complete contactors. These auxiliary switches cannot be combined with contactors which have an NC contact in the basic unit (Ident. No. 01) as they are coded.

All contactors of size S00 with one auxiliary contact (identification numbers 10E or 01) and the contactors with 4 main contacts can be expanded into contactors with 3 or 5 auxiliary contacts using auxiliary switches with the identification numbers 40 to 02 (in the case of contactors with 4 main contacts: 2 or 4 auxiliary contacts) according to EN 50005.

The identification numbers on the auxiliary switches only apply to the mounted auxiliary switches.

1-pole or 2-pole auxiliary switches with only one connection option from above or below are provided for easy and clearly arranged wiring, especially for the installation of feeders. These auxiliary switches are only offered with screw terminals.

The solid-state-compatible 3RH1911-1NF.. auxiliary switches for contactors of size S00 include two enclosed contacts. They are suitable in particular for switching small voltages and currents (hard gold-plated contacts) and for operation in dusty atmospheres. The NC auxiliary contacts are not mirror contacts.

All the previously mentioned auxiliary switch versions can be snapped onto the front of the contactors. The auxiliary switch has a centrally positioned release lever for disassembly.

Sizes S0 to S12: 3RT1.2. to 3RT1.7. contactors

Terminal designations according to EN 50005 or EN 50012

One 4-pole or up to four 1-pole auxiliary switches (screw or spring-loaded terminals) can be snapped on. When the contactors are switched on, the NC contacts are opened first and then the NO contacts are closed.

Also available are 2-pole auxiliary switches (screw terminals) for cable entry from above or below in the design of a quad block (feeder auxiliary switch).

If the installation space is limited in depth, 2-pole auxiliary switches (screw or spring-loaded terminals) can be mounted laterally (on the left or on the right).

The terminal designations of the 1-pole auxiliary switches consist of identification numbers (location identifiers) on the basic unit and function numbers on the auxiliary switches.

The terminal designations of the individual auxiliary switches correspond to EN 50005 or EN 50012, those of the complete contactors with auxiliary switches 2 NO + 2 NC correspond to EN 50012.

The auxiliary switches mounted at the front can be disassembled with the help of a centrally arranged release lever; the laterally mountable auxiliary switches are easy to remove by pressing on the checkered surfaces.

The laterally mountable auxiliary switches according to EN 50012 can be used only when no 4-pole auxiliary switches are snapped onto the front. If 1-pole auxiliary switches are used in addition, the location identifiers on the contactor must be noted.

2 enclosed and 2 standard contacts are available with the 3RH1921-.FE22 solid-state compatible auxiliary switch, which can be mounted at the front. The laterally mountable, solid-state compatible 3RH1921-2DE11 auxiliary switch contains two enclosed contacts (1 NO + 1 NC). The enclosed contacts are suitable in particular for switching small voltages and currents (hard gold-plated contacts) and for operation in dusty atmospheres. The NC auxiliary contacts are mirror contacts.

Sizes S0 and S2

A maximum of four auxiliary contacts can be mounted; the auxiliary switches used can be of any version. For reasons of symmetry, when two 2-pole laterally mountable auxiliary switches are used, one block must be mounted on the right and one on the left.

More auxiliary contacts are permissible with size S2 under certain conditions (please ask).

Sizes S3 to S12

A maximum of eight auxiliary contacts can be mounted, please note the following:

  • Of these eight auxiliary contacts, there must be no more than four NC contacts.

Ensure the symmetry of laterally mounted auxiliary switches.


Siemens 5ST3011-0HG, Auxiliary current switch 2 NO, for miniature circuit breaker according to UL 489,contactor auxiliary switch


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.086 kg
Dimensions 23.00 × 114.00 × 84.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

Auxiliary current switch

design of the product


electrical endurance (switching cycles) / typical

10 000

insulation voltage / rated value

440 V

surge voltage resistance / rated value

4 kV

operating frequency

50/60 Hz

protection class IP


product component

● auxiliary switch


number of fault signal contacts


number of NC contacts


number of NO contacts


number of CO contacts


product extension

auxiliary switch

connectable conductor cross-section

tightening torque / with screw-type terminals

type of connectable conductor cross-sections / at AWG cables

24 … 12

ambient temperature / during operation

● minimum

-25 °C

● maximum

55 °C

ambient temperature / during storage

● minimum permissible

-40 °C

● maximum permissible

75 °C


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