5ST3030-0HG Siemens Shunt Release 110-480 V AC Original Brand New


  • 5ST3030-0HG
  • For Use With:Miniature circuit breaker
  • Primary Type:External Accessories
  • Series:5ST Series
  • Standards:UL 489
  • Type:Terminal Covers/Seals
  • UPC Code:754554968919

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Siemens Shunt Release 110-480 V AC 5ST3030-0HG

Siemens Distribution Boards & Accessories

Type B characteristic offers instantaneous short circuit response level of 3-5 x normal rated current, making it suitable for circuits with moderate inrush currents such as filament lamps, heating loads and most domestic/small building protection applications.,Type C characteristic offers short circuit response of 5-10 x normal rated current, making it ideal for circuits with higher inrush currents such as motor control and fluorescent lighting installations in industrial buildings where nuisance tripping might occur if a faster type was used.

Residual current devices

Siemens Series 5ST3 Accessories

Professional range of Siemens Sirius 5ST3 accessories. Accessories include a handle locking device, shunt trip releases and fault signalling switch mounts, shunt release circuit breaker, miniature circuit breakers.


Siemens 5ST3030-0HG, shunt release 110-480 V AC for miniature circuit breaker according to UL 489


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.1205 kg
Dimensions 40.00 × 114.00 × 84.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

Shunt trip

design of the product


electrical endurance (switching cycles) / typical

10 000

operating voltage

● rated value

230 V

● at AC / rated value / minimum

110 V

● at AC / rated value / maximum

415 V

● at DC / rated value / minimum

110 V

● at DC / rated value / maximum

220 V

operating frequency

50/60 Hz

protection class IP


number of fault signal contacts


number of NC contacts


number of NO contacts


number of CO contacts


product extension

shunt trip

connectable conductor cross-section

tightening torque / with screw-type terminals

type of connectable conductor cross-sections / at AWG cables

24 … 12

ambient temperature / during operation

● minimum

-25 °C

● maximum

55 °C

ambient temperature / during storage

● minimum permissible

-40 °C

● maximum permissible

75 °C


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