5SU1356-7KK10 Siemens RCBO Original Brand New


  • 5SU1356-7KK10
  • Current Rating:10 A
  • Mounting Type:DIN Rail Mount
  • Number of Poles:1 Pole + N
  • Overload:Ground Fault/Earth Leakage
  • Series:5SU Series
  • UPC Code:662643791754

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Siemens RCBO – 5SU1356-7KK10

Remotely controlled mechanism (RC)
Remote controlled mechanisms are used for remote ON/OFF switching of miniature circuit breakers with or without RC unit, RCCBs, Siemens RCBOs or distribution board mounting switches, and also allow local manual switching of these devices Siemens 5su.

A tripped combination must be acknowledged prior to switching back on. In the event of a fault, the device combination of the type auto reclose device (ARD) attempts to switch on again up to three times. If the fault is still present, the combination remains disconnected. The remote controlled mechanism has an operating mode selector switch with the functions: ” Locked” , ” Manual” and ” Remote Switching” .

Selector RCBO switch position:
OFF (for units with 177 – 270 V): Power to the remotely controlled mechanism is switched off, blocked mechanically and can be sealed and/or locked. RCBO devices OFF: Only manual operation is possible. RC ON: Both manual and remote actuation (except for the Basic 12 – 48 V devices) is possible.
In the event that a device is tripped by a fault, the handle of the basic unit and remotely controlled mechanism switch to the OFF position. If, depending on the device version, the combination has been switched off, an attempt can be made to switch it on again via ARD or remotely. If the fault persists, the device combination is switched off and can only be switched on again manually on site.

Suitable adapters must be ordered so that the remote controlled mechanisms can be combined with the residual current circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, RCBO device and on/off switches


Siemens 5SU1356-7, KK10, RCBO, 6 kA, 1P+N, type A, 30 mA, C-Char, In: 10 A, Un AC: 230 V, rcbo connections


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.272 kg
Dimensions 40.00 × 96.00 × 82.00 mm


product brand name


product designation


design of the product


number of poles


number of poles / with protection


tripping characteristic class


mechanical service life (switching cycles) / typical

10 000

overvoltage category


degree of pollution


type of voltage / of the operating voltage


insulation voltage (Ui) / rated value

264 V

surge voltage resistance / rated value

4 000 V

surge current resistance / at (8/20) µs

1 kA

supply voltage

● for testing equipment / minimum

195 V

operating frequency

50 Hz

supply voltage frequency / rated value

50 Hz

protection class IP

IP20, if the distribution board is installed, with connected conductors

breaking capacity short-circuit current (Icn) / according to EN 61009-1 / rated value

6 kA

switching capacity current

● acc. to EN 60898 / rated value

6 kA

● acc. to IEC 60947-2 / rated value

15 kA

rated residual switching capacity (IΔm) / according to IEC 61009-1

6 kA

energy limitation class


power loss [W]

● for rated value of the current / at AC / in hot operating state / per pole

1.6 W

tripping fault current / rated value

30 mA

operational current

● at 30 °C / rated value

10 A

● at 40 °C / rated value

9.5 A

● at 45 °C / rated value

9.3 A

● at 50 °C / rated value

9 A

● at 55 °C / rated value

8.7 A

● at 60 °C / rated value

8.5 A

● at 65 °C / rated value

8.2 A

● at 70 °C / rated value

8 A

● at AC / rated value

10 A

residual current type


product component / neutral conductor switching


product feature / touch protection


product feature

● halogen-free


● silicon-free


connectable conductor cross-section / solid

connectable conductor cross-section / stranded

connectable conductor cross-section / finely stranded / with core end processing

tightening torque / with screw-type terminals

position / of power supply cord

Either top or bottom

installation depth

70 mm

number of modular width units


mounting position


weight / with packaging

270 g

influence of the surrounding temperature

Max. 95% humidity

ambient temperature / during operation

ambient temperature / during storage

● minimum

-40 °C

● maximum

75 °C

number of test cycles / for environmental testing / acc. to IEC 60068-2-30


reference code

● acc. to DIN EN 61346-2


● acc. to IEC 81346-2



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