5SY4316-8 Siemens Miniature Circuit Breaker 400 V 10kA Original Brand New


  • 5SY4316-8
  • Actuator Type:Toggle
  • Approvals:UL 1077
  • Current Rating:16 A
  • Mounting Type:DIN Rail Mount
  • Number of Poles:3 Pole
  • Series:5SY Series
  • Type:Thermal/Magnetic
  • UPC Code:754554862453

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Siemens Miniature Circuit Breaker 400 V 10kA – 5SY4316-8

Siemens Miniature Circuit Breakers ‘ UL 1077 Supplementary Protectors are designed to provide additional protection along with a branch circuit protection device. Since our Supplementary protectors are made to trip faster than a standard UL 489 Siemens MCBs Circuit Breaker they are able to provide additional protection for more sensitive devices inside the panel.

Mini Circuit Breakers supplementary protectors can used in a number of industrial applications such as to provide selectivity for multiple motor control circuits on the secondary side of a control transformer or power supply by allowing the user to quickly find the problem circuit should a fault occur with out having to shut down all of the other control circuits. Supplementary protectors may also be used as a local disconnecting means inside the panel when a branch circuit protection device is already present.


  • Siemens Sentron features high rated breaking capacity of up to 14,000 A
  • Identical terminals at both sides for an optional infeed from the top or the bottom
  • No tool required for mounting or dismounting
  • Separate switch position indicationSupplementary protectors are equipped with a delayed overload/time-dependent thermal release (thermal bimetal) for low overcurrent’s and with an instantaneous electromagnetic release for high overload and short-circuit currents. The thermal trip point on all versions is 1.13 to 1.45 times the supplementary protector rating.
  • Tripping characteristic A, -5:
    To protect very sensitive circuits such as semiconductors. Magnetic trip point – 2 to 3 times supplementary protector rating.
  • Tripping characteristic B, -6:
    For European residential circuit protection. Also for protection of computers and electronic equipment. Magnetic trip point
    – 3 to 5 times supplementary protector rating.
  • Tripping characteristic C, -7:
    For general device protection in control circuits and all other supplementary circuit protection systems. Magnetic trip point
    – 5 to10 times supplementary protector rating.
  • Tripping characteristic D, -8:
    For protection of high inrush loads. Magnetic trip point – 10 to 20 times supplementary protector rating.


Siemens 5SY4316-8, Miniature circuit breaker 400 V 10kA, 3-pole, D, 16A, D=70 mm


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.445 kg
Dimensions 58.00 × 94.00 × 84.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

Miniature circuit breaker

number of poles


design of pole


tripping characteristic class


mechanical service life (switching cycles) / typical

10 000

overvoltage category


degree of pollution


type of voltage / of the operating voltage


insulation voltage (Ui)

● with single-phase operation / at AC / rated value

440 V

● with multi-phase operation / at AC / rated value

440 V

supply voltage / with single-phase operation / at AC / rated value

230 V

supply voltage

operating voltage / at DC / rated value / maximum

72 V

protection class IP

IP20, with connected conductors

switching capacity current

● at DC / acc. to IEC 60947-2 / rated value

15 kA

● acc. to EN 60898 / rated value

10 kA

● acc. to IEC 60947-2 / rated value

20 kA

power loss [W] / for rated value of the current / at AC / in hot operating state / per pole

1.6 W

operational current

● at 35 °C / rated value

16 A

● at 40 °C / rated value

15.23 A

● at 45 °C / rated value

14.83 A

● at 50 °C / rated value

14.43 A

● at 55 °C / rated value

14 A

● at 60 °C / rated value

13.57 A

● at AC / rated value

16 A

suitability for operation

Mechanical engineering / industry

product component / neutral conductor switching


product feature / touch protection


product component

● combined terminal top


● combined terminal bottom


product feature

● properties for main switches in accordance with EN 60204-1


● halogen-free


● sealable


● silicon-free


product extension / installable / supplementary devices


breaking capacity short-circuit current (Icn)

● at AC / acc. to UL 1077 and CSA C22.2 No.235

5 kA

connectable conductor cross-section / solid

connectable conductor cross-section / stranded

connectable conductor cross-section / finely stranded / with core end processing

AWG number / as coded connectable conductor cross section

tightening torque [lbf·in] / with screw-type terminals

tightening torque / with screw-type terminals

position / of power supply cord


installation depth

70 mm

number of modular width units


fastening method

Quick assembly system

mounting position


influence of the surrounding temperature

max. 95% to 55°C, max. 55% to 70°C, max. 35% to 75°C

vibration resistance / acc. to IEC 60068-2-6

±1mm at 5 to 25Hz; 50m/s² at 25 to 150Hz

ambient temperature / during operation

ambient temperature / during storage

● minimum

-40 °C

● maximum

75 °C

number of test cycles / for environmental testing / acc. to IEC 60068-2-30


reference code

● acc. to DIN EN 61346-2


● acc. to IEC 81346-2



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