6ED1055-1NB10-0BA0 SIEMENS LOGO Original Brand New

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  • 6ED1055-1NB10-0BA0
  • Supply Voltage 24V DC
  • Module Extension



LOGO! Expansion Modules

The flexible expansion modularity LOGO! Module

A wide range of expansion modules allows the user to set up a flexible LOGO! Configuration with a maximum of 24 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs possible.

LOGO! 8 can also be connected to KNX sytems.

To combine different voltage levels you have to keep the following rule:
The basic module must be a 230 V version followed by 230 V expansion modules. Then an analog module must be used to achieve a galvanic isolation. Right from the analog module further analog modules or 12V / 24 V expansions can be attached.

Expansion modules for connection to LOGO! Modular

With digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, or analog outputs

Degital Modules

Relay outputs with max. 5 A output current.

Different modules:

  • 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs or
  • 4 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs or
  • 2 analog inputs or
  • 2 analog outputs.

Interface for connection to LOGO! modular logic modules.

Note on compatibility:

Expansion modules for LOGO! 8 can only be used on LOGO! 8 basic devices!

Expansion modules for LOGO! 6 and 7 cannot be used with LOGO! 8 basic devices.


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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 93 × 106 × 76 mm
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