6EP1961-3BA21 SIEMENS SITOP PSE202U Original Brand New

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  • 6EP1961-3BA21
  • Redundancy module input/output: 24 V DC/40 A
  • Suitable for decoupling two SITOP power supplies with maximal per 20 A output current

Siemens SITOP PSE202U 6EP1961-3BA21


SITOP has proved its reliability in almost every supply system in the world. With its flexible wide range input, excellent load characteristics and all relevant certification, SITOP power packs preserve the availability of your plant. Add-on modules counteract disturbances on the DC voltage or line side. And in addition to the uninterruptible power supply, the 24 V power supplies bridge power failures in the range of seconds, minutes or hours.

The switching power supply units in the Advanced performance class are the ideal choice for maximum reliability and functionality, as required in the process and automotive industries, in special-purpose machine manufacturing, or in harsh environments. The SITOP PSU8200 product range meets the stringent requirements in these areas, e.g. thanks to its overload characteristics, efficiency, and compactness. Additionally, SITOP PSU8600 offers a power supply system with open communication for optimum integration in the world of digitalization.


  • Space and cost savings through up to 36 integrated outputs with selective monitoring (no need for one or more additional selectivity modules)
  • Individually parameterizable outputs (elimination of an additional power supply unit, e.g. for 5 V, 12 V or 15 V)
  • Compensation for power losses can be set separately for each output
  • Narrow width without lateral installation clearances
  • Low temperature rise in the control cabinet due to very high efficiency
  • Depending on requirements, modular expansion without wiring work (additional outputs, buffer module, UPS module)
  • Reliable operation by bridging power failures in the second, minute or hour range
  • Two integrated Ethernet/PROFINET ports (no external switch required)
  • Integrated web server
  • Integrated OPC UA server for open, multi-vendor communication
  • Complete integration in TIA requires less time and reduces costs during configuration (TIA Portal) and in operation
  • SIMATIC S7 function blocks for easy integration in STEP 7 user programs
  • Fast integration in operator control and monitoring with WinCC faceplates
  • Direct integration in SIMATIC PCS 7 via SITOP library
  • Easy configuration and monitoring via SITOP Manager
  • Preventive maintenance reduces downtimes
  • Energy savings during breaks through targeted switching of outputs
  • Easy integration in energy management systems (PROFIenergy protocol)
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 mm
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