6ES7132-6BF01-0AA0 SIEMENS SIMATIC ET 200SP Original Brand New


  • 6ES7132-6BF01-0AA0
  • Digital output module
  • DQ 8x 24V DC/0,5A Basic
  • Source output (PNP,P-switching) Packing unit: 1 piece
  • Fits to BU-type A0, Colour Code CC02
  • Substitute value output
  • Module diagnostics for: supply voltage

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  • 4, 8 and 16-channel digital output (DQ) modules
  • Apart from the standard type of delivery in an individual package, selected I/O modules and BaseUnits are also available in a pack of 10 units. The pack of 10 units enables the amount of waste to be reduced considerably, as well as saving the time and cost of unpacking individual modules.

For different requirements, the digital output modules offer:

  • Function classes Basic, Standard, High Feature and High Speed as well as fail-safe DQ (see “Fail-safe I/O modules”)
  • BaseUnits for single or multiple-conductor connection with automatic slot coding
  • Potential distributor modules for system-integrated expansion with potential terminals
  • Individual system-integrated potential group formation with self-assembling voltage busbars (a separate power module is no longer required for ET 200SP)
  • Option of connecting actuators with rated load voltages of up to 120 V DC or 230 V AC and load currents of up to 5 A (depending on module)
  • Relay modules
    • NO contact or changeover contact
    • for load or signal voltages (coupling relay)
    • with manual operation (as simulation module for inputs and outputs, jog mode for commissioning or emergency operation on failure of PLC)
  • PNP (sourcing output) and NPN (sinking output) versions
  • Clear labeling on front of module
  • LEDs for diagnostics, status, supply voltage and faults
  • Electronically readable and non-volatile writable rating plate (I&M data 0 to 3)
  • Extended functions and additional operating modes in some cases
    • MSO operating mode (simultaneous reading of output data from as many as three other PLCs)
    • Pulse width modulation mode (output value as pulse-pause ratio of between 0.0% and 100.0% for controlling the output current)
    • Oversampling operating mode (n-fold equidistant output of digital values within a PN cycle for the precise time control of an output or a sequence of output values)
    • Isochronous mode (simultaneous equidistant output of all output channels)
    • Output of substitute value in the event of interruptions to communication (0, 1 or last value retained)
    • Re-parameterization during operation
    • Firmware update
    • Valve control (output signal does not switch automatically after a set pickup time to a current-saving PWM output)
    • Diagnosis of wire break and short-circuit (on channel or module basis)
    • Value status (optional binary validity information of the output signal in the process image)
    • Supports the PROFIenergy profile
  • Optional accessories
    • Labeling strips (film or card)
    • Equipment labeling plate
    • Color-coded label with module-specific CC code
    • Shielding terminal


SIMATIC ET 200SP, Digital output module, DQ 8x 24V DC/0,5A Basic, Source output (PNP,P-switching) Packing unit: 1 piece, fits to BU-type A0, Colour Code CC02, substitute value output, module diagnostics for: supply voltage


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