6ES7135-6GB00-0BA1 Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP AQ 2xI ST

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  • 6ES7135-6GB00-0BA1
  • AQ 2xI ST
  • Analogue output module
  • Analogue outputs: 2 (current standard)
  • 24 V DC
  • Module diagnostics
  • 16 bit
  • Colour code: CC00
  • Suitable for BU type A0 and A1

Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP AQ 2xI ST – 6ES7135-6GB00-0BA1



  • 2 and 4-channel analog output (AQ) modules
  • Apart from the standard type of delivery in an individual package, selected I/O modules and BaseUnits are also available in a pack of 10 units. The pack of 10 units enables the amount of waste to be reduced considerably, as well as saving the time and cost of unpacking individual modules.

For different requirements, the analog output modules offer:

  • Function classes Standard, High Feature and High-Speed
  • BaseUnits for single or multiple-conductor connection with automatic slot coding
  • Potential distributor modules for system-integrated expansion with potential terminals
  • Individual system-integrated potential group formation with self-assembling voltage busbars (a separate power module is no longer required for ET 200SP)
  • Option for connecting current and voltage actuators
  • Clear labeling on front of module
  • LEDs for diagnostics, status, supply voltage and faults
  • Electronically readable and non-volatile writable rating plate (I&M data 0 to 3)
  • Extended functions and additional operating modes in some cases
    • Oversampling operating mode (n-fold equidistant output of an analog value within one PN cycle and thus the precisely timed output of an analog value or a sequence of analog values)
    • Isochronous mode (simultaneous equidistant output of analog values)
    • Output of substitute value in the event of interruptions to communication (shutdown, output adjustable substitute value, or keep last value)
    • Calibration during runtime
    • Re-parameterization during operation
    • Firmware update
    • Diagnostics of wire break, short-circuit, overflow, underflow
    • Value status (optional binary validity information of the analog value status in the process image)
    • Supports the PROFIenergy profile
  • Optional accessories
    • Labeling strips (film or card)
    • Equipment labeling plate
    • Color-coded label with module-specific CC code
    • Shielding terminal

A quick and clear comparison of the functions of the AQ modules is offered by the TIA Selection Tool.


The analog output modules enable analog actuators (proportional valves, drives, etc.) to be controlled.


Usable BaseUnits (BU)

BaseUnits with an appropriate number of terminals are available for single or multi-conductor connection.

All variants that correspond to the BU type of the I/O module used can be used as BaseUnits (see Selection and ordering data). The BaseUnits that can be used for the respective module are noted on the front side of the module.

Potential distributor modules

With the new potential distributor modules for SIMATIC ET 200SP, additional potentials required within an ET 200SP station can be set up quickly and in a space-saving manner. Due to the free combinability of PotDis-BUs and PotDis-TBs, the potential distributor modules allow a large number of design variants and thus simple adaptation to individual needs. Within the station, existing potentials can be multiplied or even new potential groups can be formed. With 36 terminals per 15 mm width, the PotDis modules require very little space without compromising on the conductor cross-sections (maximum 2.5 mm²). They allow the connection of voltages up to 48 V DC with a maximum current carrying capacity of 10 A, and with the PotDis-TB-BR-W even up to 230 V AC/10 A as well as the possibility to connect a protective conductor.

Typical applications for the PotDis modules in connection with AQ modules are, for example, the supply of supply voltage for sensors.

Potential group formation

A light BU separates the self-assembling, internal voltage buses (P1, P2, AUX) and thus opens a new potential group. The supply voltage of a potential group must be fed in at the light BU of this potential group.

A dark BU forwards the supply voltage of the adjacent light BU on the left via the self-assembling voltage buses P1, P2 and AUX. A new infeed is therefore only required on the next light BU to the right. The setting of a further light BU is required whenever

  • a new potential group is to be formed (for example, for isolating the supply voltage from module groups) or
  • the maximum current simultaneously required by the potential group exceeds the permissible limit of 10 A.
Color identification of the terminals

The potentials at the terminals of the BaseUnit are defined by the inserted I/O module in each case. To prevent wiring faults, the potentials of the terminals can optionally be identified by means of module-specific color-coded labels. The color-coded label that matches the respective I/O module is defined by the color code CCxx of the I/O module. This color code is also printed on the front of the module.

In BaseUnits with the additional ten internally jumpered AUX terminals, these can also be identified with color-coded labels. For the ten AUX terminals, color-coded labels are available in red, blue, and yellow/green.


Labeling strips

Labeling strips can be inserted on the front of the interface modules or I/O modules and individually labeled via STEP 7, macros, etc. No special additional holder is required. If required, they can be easily replaced with the component.

Equipment labeling plates

Equipment labeling plates enable the equipment to be easily identified (e.g. compliant with EN 81346). They are easily plugged onto the required component (interface modules, I/O modules and BaseUnits) and when required, they can be easily replaced with the component.

The following labeling components are available:

  • Film labeling strips, light-gray, roll with 500 strips, perforated, for thermal transfer printers
  • Film labeling strips, yellow, roll with 500 strips, perforated, for thermal transfer printers
  • Card labeling strips (180 g/m2), light gray, ten DIN A4 sheets with 100 strips each, perforated, for laser printer
  • Card labeling strips (180 g/m2), yellow, ten DIN A4 sheets with 100 strips each, perforated, for laser printer
  • Equipment labeling plates, white, ten sheets each with 16 labels, for thermal transfer card printers or labels

Technical specifications


SIMATIC ET 200SP, Analog output module, AQ 2xI Standard, Pack quantity: 1 unit, suitable for BU type A0, A1, Color code CC00, Module diagnostics, 16 bit


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.039 kg
Dimensions 6.50 × 7.70 × 2.30 mm


Product type designation


HW functional status

From FS03

Firmware version

● FW update possible


usable BaseUnits

BU type A0, A1

Color code for module-specific color identification plate


● I&M data

Yes; I&M0 to I&M3

● Isochronous mode


● Output range scalable


● STEP 7 TIA Portal configurable/integrated from version

V13 SP1 / –

● STEP 7 configurable/integrated from version

V5.5 SP3 / –

● PROFIBUS from GSD version/GSD revision

GSD Revision 5

● PROFINET from GSD version/GSD revision


● Oversampling




Reparameterization possible in RUN


Calibration possible in RUN


Rated value (DC)

24 V

permissible range, lower limit (DC)

19.2 V

permissible range, upper limit (DC)

28.8 V

Reverse polarity protection


Current consumption, max.

110 mA

Power loss, typ.

1.5 W

● Address space per module, max.

4 byte; + 1 byte for QI information

Automatic encoding

● Mechanical coding element


● Type of mechanical coding element

Type A

Number of analog outputs


Cycle time (all channels), min.

1 ms

Analog output with oversampling


● 0 to 20 mA

Yes; 15 bit

● -20 mA to +20 mA

Yes; 16 bit incl. sign

● 4 mA to 20 mA

Yes; 14 bit

● for current output two-wire connection


● with current outputs, max.

500 Ω

● with current outputs, inductive load, max.

1 mH

● Voltages at the outputs

30 V

● shielded, max.

1 000 m

● Resolution with overrange (bit including sign), max.

16 bit

● for resistive load

0.1 ms; Typical value

● for inductive load

0.5 ms

Linearity error (relative to output range), (+/-)

0.03 %

Temperature error (relative to output range), (+/-)

0.005 %/K

Crosstalk between the outputs, min.

-50 dB

Repeat accuracy in steady state at 25 °C (relative to output range), (+/-)

0.05 %

● Voltage, relative to output range, (+/-)

0.3 %

● Current, relative to output range, (+/-)

0.3 %

Diagnostics function


Substitute values connectable


● Diagnostic alarm


● Monitoring the supply voltage


● Wire-break


● Group error


● Overflow/underflow


● Monitoring of the supply voltage (PWR-LED)

Yes; green PWR LED

● Channel status display

Yes; green LED

● for channel diagnostics


● for module diagnostics

Yes; green/red DIAG LED

● between the channels


● between the channels and backplane bus


● between the channels and the power supply of the electronics


Isolation tested with

707 V DC (type test)

● horizontal installation, min.

-30 °C; < 0 °C as of FS03

● horizontal installation, max.

60 °C

● vertical installation, min.

-30 °C; < 0 °C as of FS03

● vertical installation, max.

50 °C

● Installation altitude above sea level, max.

5 000 m; Restrictions for installation altitudes > 2 000 m, see manual


15 mm


73 mm


58 mm

Weight, approx.

31 g

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Product Condition

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