6ES7136-6DB00-0CA0 SIEMENS SIMATIC DP, Electronics Module for ET 200SP Original Best Quality


  • 6ES7136-6DB00-0CA0
  • For use with SIMATIC ET 200SP
  • BU Type A0
  • Rated Value : 24V

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SIEMENS SIMATIC DP, Electronics Module for ET 200SP, 6ES7136-6DB00-0CA0


Digital fail-safe output modules:

  • F-DQ 4x24VDC/2A PM High Feature
  • F-DQ 8x24VDC/0.5A PP High Feature

Important properties:

  • 4 and 8-channel digital fail-safe output modules for the ET 200SP
  • Fail-safe 2-channel activation (switching to P/M potential or switching to P/P potential) of actuators
  • Actuators can be controlled up to 2 A or 0.5 A
  • Certified up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508), PL e (ISO 13849)
  • Can be plugged into type A0 BaseUnits (BU) with automatic coding
  • LED display for error, operation, supply voltage and status
  • Clear labeling on front of module
    • Plain text identification of the module type and function class
    • 2D matrix code (order and serial number)
    • Connection diagram
    • Color coding of the DQ module type: black
    • Hardware and firmware version
    • Color code CC for module-specific color coding of the potentials at the terminals of the BU
    • Complete Article No.
  • Optional labeling accessories
    • Labeling strips
    • Equipment labeling plate
  • Optional system-integrated shield connection
  • The modules support PROFIsafe in both PROFIBUS and PROFINET configurations
  • They can be used with all fail-safe SIMATIC S7 CPUs


The fail-safe ET 200SP modules can be used to implement the safety-related application requirements as an integrated part of the overall automation. The safety functions required for fail-safe operation are integrated in the modules. Communication with the fail-safe SIMATIC S7 CPUs is performed by means of PROFIsafe.

The modules can be operated both in centralized and distributed configurations.


Usable BaseUnits

For a single- or multi-conductor connection, BaseUnits with an appropriate number of terminals are available.

A light BaseUnit opens a new load group. The power supply to the sensors must be fed via this BU. The first BU next to the interface module must always be a light BU.

A dark BaseUnit forwards the power supply of the adjacent light BaseUnit on the left via self-assembling voltage buses. A new infeed is therefore only required on the next light BaseUnit to the right.

All variants that correspond to the BU type of the I/O module can be used as BaseUnits.

Color identification of the terminals

The potentials at the terminals of the BaseUnit are defined by the I/O module. Optionally, the potentials of the terminals can be identified by module-specific color-coding labels to prevent wiring errors. The color-coded label that matches the respective I/O module is defined by the color code CCxx of the I/O module. This color code is also printed on the front of the module.

In BaseUnits with the 10 internally jumpered AUX terminals, these can also be identified with color coding labels. For the 10 AUX terminals, color-coding labels are available in red, blue, and yellow/green.

System-integrated shielded connection

For the connection of cable shields that is both space-saving as well as optimized in terms of EMC, a shield connection is available that is quick and easy to mount. This consists of one shield connection element that can be plugged onto the BaseUnit and one shield terminal for each module. The low-impedance connection to the functional ground (DIN rail) is achieved without any additional wiring by the user.


SIMATIC DP, Electronics module for ET 200SP, F-DQ 4X24 V DC/2A, 15 mm width, up to PL E (ISO 13849) up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508)


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