6ES7138-4FD00-0AA0 SIEMENS SIMATIC DP, 4POTDIS for ET 200 Original Best Quality

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  • 6ES7138-4FD00-0AA0
  • 4POTDIS for ET 200 Potential distributor module




The right solution for every application With SIMATIC ET 200 a wide range of distributed I/O systems is available – for solutions in the control cabinet or without a control cabinet directly at the machine, as well as for applications in hazardous areas. SIMATIC ET 200 systems for cabinet free configurations are installed in a rugged, fiber-glass reinforced plastic enclosure, making them resistant to shock and dirt, as well as watertight.

Furthermore, you need fewer additional components, save on cabling, and profit from extremely fast response times. The modular design makes it possible to scale and expand the ET 200 systems simply and in small stages.

Already integrated add-on modules reduce costs, and at the same time offer a widely diverse range of possible applications. You can choose from many different combination options: digital and analog inputs/outputs, intelligent modules with CPU functionality, safety engineering, motor starters, pneumatic systems, frequency converters, and diverse technology modules.


  1. Simple configuration

Integral plug-in connections make installation quick and easy and therefore reduce the costs. In the case of modular systems, mounting is on a rail. The modules are snapped onto the rail and plugged into each other. The sensors and actuators can be easily connected to a bus system without the need to use an array of single wires with cable distributors and cable racks. This makes the wiring simple and transparent, less error-prone and therefore low-cost.

  1. Permanent wiring

Due to the separation of mechanics and electronics, permanent wiring is possible, i.e. the station can be prewired before installation or start-up. Prewiring can therefore be inspected without the electronics modules which prevents damage to sensitive components. The start-up time is therefore reduced. In addition, the modules can also be replaced in the event of a fault without time-consuming rewiring

  1. Hot swapping

In the event of a fault, electronic modules are easily replaced during operation with the equipment live (hot swapping). The station remains functional, and the plant therefore remains available – there is no need for costly shutting down and starting up of the plant. While the components are being replaced, the wiring remains intact

  1. Configuration in Run (CiR)

Changes or expansions are required even during active operation of a (sub-) system. Possible applications are due to nonstop requirements, that is, in continuous processes in process engineering that cannot be shut down or whose production cannot be interrupted.


SIMATIC DP, 4POTDIS for ET 200 Potential distributor module, 15 mm width,


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