6ES7138-6BA01-0BA0 SIEMENS SIMATIC ET 200SP Original Brand New

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  • 6ES7138-6BA01-0BA0
  • TM Posinput 1 counter and position decoder module for RS-422 incremental encoder or SSI absolute encoder
  • 2 DI
  • 2 DQ suitable for BU type A0
  • Pack quantity: 1 unit



Technical properties
  • Counter and position detection module for ET 200SP
  • Interfaces:
    • Encoder signals A, B and N for 5 V TTL or RS422 differential signals
    • SSI interface with clock and data for RS422 differential signals
    • 24 V encoder supply, short-circuit proof
    • 5 V encoder supply, short-circuit proof
    • 2 digital inputs for controlling the counting process, for saving or setting the counter or position value
    • 2 digital outputs for fast reactions depending on the counter reading, position value or measured value
  • Counter frequency 1 MHz (4 MHz with quadruple evaluation)
  • Counting range: +/- 31 bits
  • Measurement function
  • Parameterizable hardware interrupts
  • Parameterizable input filters for suppressing interferences at sensor and digital inputs
Supported types of encoders/signals
  • Incremental encoders with or without N signal
  • Pulse encoders with directional signal
  • Pulse encoders without directional signal
  • Pulse encoders for forward or reverse pulses
  • SSI encoders with a frame length of 10 to 40 bits, of which up to 31 bits position value
Supported system functions
  • Isochronous mode
  • Firmware update
  • Identification data I&M


The TM PosInput 1 counting and position detection module detects fast signals with high frequencies and returns the counter reading or position and the current speed to the controller. The counter control ensures a precise counter result and rapid response in the system via integrated digital input and output signals. Comprehensive parameterization options provide optimum adaptation to the task at hand and reduce control load.

The module supports position recording with SSI absolute-value encoders with a frame length of 10 to 40 bits. Max. 31 of these bits are position information, the other bits are sensor status information. Single-turn and multi-turn sensors are supported at a clock frequency up to 2 MHz.


Suitable BaseUnits

The standard BaseUnits (A0) of ET 200SP are available for connection. The individual signals of the PosInput module are connected to the appropriate terminals.

A light BaseUnit opens a new load group. The supply voltage must be fed in via this BaseUnit. The first BaseUnit next to the interface module must always be a light BaseUnit.

A dark BaseUnit forwards the supply voltage of the adjacent light BaseUnit on the left via self-assembling voltage buses. A new infeed is therefore only required on the next light BaseUnit to the right.

All variants that correspond to BaseUnit type A0 can be used as BaseUnits.


Light gray and yellow labeling strips in two different materials are available for labeling the modules:

  • Foil, roll with 500 strips, for thermal transfer roll printer
  • Paper (280 g/m2), DIN A4 sheets with 100 strips each, for laser printer


SIMATIC ET 200SP, TM Posinput 1 counter and position decoder module for RS-422 incremental encoder or SSI absolute encoder, 2 DI, 2 DQ suitable for BU type A0, pack quantity: 1 unit


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Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 58 × 15 × 73 mm
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