6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0 SIEMENS SIMATIC DP Original Brand New

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  • 6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0
  • Connection IM 153-1
  • For ET 200M, for max. 8 S7-300 modules



The ET 200M system with various interface modules is available for the distributed use of S7-300 I/O modules. Depending on the application purpose, the best suited IM in terms of costs and functions can be selected:

IM153-1 Standard

The IM153-1 is one reasonably priced variant that is excellently suited for most applications in the manufacturing environment. It permits the use of up to 8 S7-300 I/O modules.

IM153-2 High Feature

For higher requirements in manufacturing technology, such as the use of F technology or the highest performance in conjunction with clock synchronization, the IM153-2 High Feature is available. This IM is also designed for use with the PCS7 in the field of process-oriented applications. This IM can be redundantly used and supports typical functions as they are required in the control field. These include, for example, clock synchronization or time stamping with an accuracy of up to 1 ms.


The IM 153-1 / IM 153-2 HF interface modules are required to connect the modular I/O device ET 200M to the PROFIBUS DP fieldbus.

These heads can be used in many different applications.

Special functions and modules for PCS 7

The IM 153-2 is provided with special functions, such as clock synchronization, time stamping or I&M functions. In addition, special modules are available that take into account the increased diagnosis requirements in process engineering. For example, digital input modules allow for the connection of NAMUR sensors, have wire-break detectors at “0” and “1” signals and functions such as flatter monitoring or pulse stretching. In order to obtain a reasonable channel price, 8-channel HART modules may be used.

High availability systems

High availability systems are used in all cases where no system outage is permitted or the system restart after an unscheduled outage is tied to very high costs. Typical applications include, for example, power generation, power distribution, tunnel systems, baggage conveyor systems at airports, oil platforms, oil refineries, the manufacture of special glass, the semiconductor industry, etc.

In conjunction with the high availability S7-400H PLC (redundant CPUs), the ET 200M can be connected one-way (normal availability) or switched (increased availability).

Furthermore, the IM 153-2 can also be used in applications with S5-155H, with S7-300 / S7-400 with software redundancy as well as with the normal redundancy standardized in the PNO.

Area subject to explosion hazard

Various digital and analog modules exist as intrinsically safe versions for the Ex area. This means the modules themselves are installed in Zone 2 cost effectively; however, they can reach the sensors and actuators to be connected up to Zone 1. They are used, for example, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, on oil rigs or also in classic manufacturing plants, such as the printing industry or in paint shops in the automobile industry. They enable isolated processing on a channel-by-channel basis of signals from Ex Zone 1. For use in the non-Ex area, the isolation from channel to channel for these modules is 250 V AC. In addition, there are still HART-capable analog modules.

Fail-safe systems

Fail-safe PLCs switch to a safe state when a fault occurs and thus protect operators, machines, and the environment, e.g. for presses, robots or passenger transportation. For the connection of fail-safe signals to S7-300F or S7-400F/FH, several signal modules are available that provide SIL 2 or SIL 3 depending on the type of connection.

For the application of safety-related I/O modules, the IM 153-2 HF interface module must be used.

Highly dynamic production processes

Distributed solutions for the control of high-speed machines for production and machining processes with high accuracy are becoming increasingly important, e.g. for drive controls. For this reason, the time from the acquisition of a signal by the distributed I/O through to the appropriate response of the actuator must be kept as short and as accurately reproducible as possible. Synchronous coupling of a SIMATIC automation solution to the equidistant PROFIBUS is called “isochronous mode” and is supported by various signal modules of the ET 200M.


  • The IM 153-1/153-2 interface module serves as the head module (IM; Interface Module) of the ET 200M. Up to 8 or 12 I/O modules from the module product range of the S7-300 automation system can be connected to the interface module.
  • The interface module and the necessary I/O modules are assembled on a DIN rail for the S7-300. During assembly, the I/O modules are connected to one another using bus connectors and using the IM 153 interface modules.
  • For redundant operation, two IM 153-2 are mounted onto the BM IM/IM bus module. Special DIN rails are available to accommodate the bus modules.
  • When equipping the IM153 with S7-300 modules, slot rules do not have to be taken into account.


SIMATIC DP, Connection IM 153-1, for ET 200M, for max. 8 S7-300 modules


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