6ES7158-3AD10-0XA0 Siemens SIPLUS PN Original Brand New

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  • 6ES7158-3AD10-0XA0
  • SIMATIC PN/PN Coupler
  • PROFIsafe data exchange
  • I/O-, MSI-, MSO
  • Data record communication, redundant power supply
  • PN-connection via SIMATIC BusAdapter (BA)
  • Delivery w/o BusAdapter



  • Fast deterministic data exchange between CPUs with PROFINET controller, even beyond network boundaries
  • Configuration with two PROFINET devices completely independent of the communication technology
    • Very simple configuration of the data exchange via virtual IO modules or alternatively via data records for larger amounts of data
    • Simultaneous data transfer to up to 3 CPUs on own network side and/or up to 4 CPUs on opposite network side
    • Easy to integrate into any PROFINET network with 2 ports per network side
    • Fieldbus connection via a SIMATIC BusAdapter;
      this allows free selection of the connection system (RJ45, FC cable direct connection) and connection hardware (copper, POF, PCF, glass fiber). FO-to-copper media conversion can also be realized economically and without external converters.

    Additional functions

    • Quantity structures
      • Cyclic transmission: Up to 1440 bytes each for input and output data
      • Data record transfer: Up to 4096 bytes per slot. Buffering of up to eight data records per slot
      • Maximum 16 input/output areas for data exchange
      • Max. 254 bytes of input and 253 bytes of output data per module
    • Exchange of fail-safe data between two F-CPUs via F-SendDP and F_ReceiveDP
    • Shared device with up to four IO controllers per network side
    • Module-internal shared input / shared output (MSI/MSO)
    • Device replacement without programming device
      • With topological configuration via proximity detection (LLDP)
      • Without topological configuration via redundant storage of the station name in the BusAdapter. A separate removable memory card is not required.
    • Reset button for restoring the factory settings
    • Redundant power supply
    • Electrical isolation between the two PROFINET IO subnets
    • Media redundancy (MRP and MRPD)
    • I&M data
    • Firmware update
    • Support for Ethernet services (ping, arp, SNMP, MIP-2, LLDP)
    • Comprehensive diagnostics via LED displays and interrupts
    • Extensive compatibility with the PN/PN coupler up to firmware version V3.0


The PN/PN coupler is used whenever easy-to-configure, fast (deterministic) data exchange between PROFINET controllers is required. Data transmission can be performed both beyond network boundaries as well as within a single network side.


The PN/PN coupler provides the output data of the writing CPU as input data to the receiving CPUs within a PN cycle. Both fail-safe data (via F_SendDP/F_ReceiveDP of a SIMATIC F-CPU only) and standard data can be transmitted.

  • Transfer to the opposite side of the network:
    In a PN cycle, the writing CPU provides its output data as input data at the same time as up to four CPUs connected to the other side of the network. The network separation between the two network sides remains completely intact.
  • Transfer to the same side of the network:
    In a PN cycle, the writing CPU provides its output data as input data at the same time as up to three other CPUs connected to its own side of the network.

Two basically different methods are available for data transmission:

  • Data exchange via virtual I/O modules (coupling modules):
    The local CPU reads the values that the CPU of the other subnet writes over the configured outputs of the coupling partner through the configured inputs of a slot. The local CPU writes values via the configured outputs of a slot. These values are received by the CPU of the other subnet via the configured inputs of the coupling partner.
  • Data record transfer:
    Publisher and Storage modules types are used. These consist of read and write combinations. The module types address the data record order by module addresses during data record transfer.

The PN/PN coupler provides extensive diagnostic information about LEDs, interrupts and status bytes. In this way, errors can be quickly located and commissioning and downtimes minimized.

The PN/PN coupler supports a variety of SIMATIC BusAdapters for flexible connection to PROFINET.


SIMATIC PN/PN Coupler for deterministic data exchange between max.4 PN-Controller per subnet, also from subnet to subnet, PROFIsafe data exchange, I/O-, MSI-, MSO- and data record communication, redundant power supply, PN-connection via SIMATIC BusAdapter (BA), delivery w/o BusAdapter


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