6ES7193-6AR00-0AA0 Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP BA 2xRJ45

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  • 6ES7193-6AR00-0AA0
  • Bus adapter BA 2xRJ45 for SIMATIC DP CPU
  • Ports: 2 x RJ45 for PROFINET

Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP BA 2xRJ45 – 6ES7193-6AR00-0AA0


SIMATIC BusAdapter BA 2xFC for direct laying of the PROFINET cable via FastConnect connection

SIMATIC BusAdapter BA LC/RJ45 for use as a system-integrated media converter from copper (RJ45) to glass fiber (LC)

ET 200SP BusAdapter BA-Send for expansion of an ET 200SP station with ET 200AL modules

For SIMATIC ET 200SP, two types of BusAdapter (BA) are available for selection:

  • ET 200SP BusAdapter “BA-Send”
    for expansion of an ET 200SP station with up to 16 modules from the ET 200AL I/O series with IP67 protection via an ET connection
  • SIMATIC BusAdapter
    for the free selection of the connection system (pluggable or direct connection) and physical PROFINET connection (copper, POF, HCS or glass fiber) to devices with a SIMATIC BusAdapter interface.
    One further advantage of the SIMATIC BusAdapter: only the adapter needs to be replaced for subsequent conversion to the rugged FastConnect technology or a fiber-optic connection, or to repair defective RJ45 sockets.


ET 200SP BusAdapter “BA-Send”

BA-Send BusAdapters are used whenever an existing ET 200SP station is to be expanded with IP67 modules of the SIMATIC ET 200AL.

The SIMATIC ET 200AL is a distributed I/O device with degree of protection IP65/67 that is easy to operate and install. Due to its high degree of protection and ruggedness as well as its small dimensions and low weight, the ET 200AL is especially suitable for use at the machine and on moving plant sections. SIMATIC ET 200AL enables the user to access digital and analog signals and IO-Link data at low cost.

SIMATIC BusAdapters

In standard applications with moderate mechanical and EMC loads, SIMATIC BusAdapters with an RJ45 interface can be used, e.g. the BusAdapter BA 2xRJ45.

For machines and systems in which higher mechanical and/or EMC loads act on the devices, a SIMATIC BusAdapter with connection via FastConnect (FC) or fiber-optic cable (SCRJ or LC) is recommended. Likewise, all SIMATIC BusAdapters with a fiber-optic cable connection (SCRJ, LC) can be used with the increased loads.

BusAdapters with connections for fiber-optic cables can be used to cover high potential differences between two stations and/or high EMC loads.

An overview of the essential properties of the PN interfaces is shown in the table below


ET 200SP BusAdapter “BA-Send”
  • Inserted immediately next to the head-end station on a “BU-Send” BaseUnit
  • Can be used on interface modules in “Standard” function class or above
  • Can be used on CPU 1510SP (F) and CPU 1512SP (F), as well as Open Controller 1515SP
SIMATIC BusAdapters
  • Are plugged onto the device with SIMATIC BusAdapter interface and can be equipped with an equipment labeling plate for identification of the equipment.
  • BusAdapters with a copper interface can be used on all devices with a SIMATIC BusAdapter interface.
  • BusAdapter with FOC interface can be used on selected devices with SIMATIC BusAdapter interface
    (e.g. ET 200SP interface modules with High Feature function class or above, CPU 1512SP (F), etc.)

Versions with two PN copper interfaces (RJ45, M12 or FastConnect (FC))

  • BA 2xRJ45 with 2 RJ45 sockets
  • BA 2xM12 with 2 M12 push-pull sockets
  • BA 2xFC with 2 FastConnect connections

Versions with one or two PN fiber-optic cable (FOC) connections

  • BA 2xSCRJ with 2 SCRJ sockets
  • BA SCRJ / RJ45 each with one SCRJ and one RJ45 socket (media converter)
  • BA SCRJ / FC with one SCRJ socket and one FastConnect connection (media converter)
  • BA 2xLC with two LC (Lucent Connector) sockets
  • BA LC / RJ45 each with one LC and one RJ45 socket (media converter)
  • BA LC / FC with one LC socket and one FastConnect connection (media converter)


FastConnect (FC)

Using the FastConnect stripping tool, the outer sheath and braided shielding can be quickly and conveniently removed from Industrial Ethernet FastConnect cables in one simple operation. The detached PN bus cable is connected directly to the FC connector by means of the FastConnect terminals – in a similar way to the PROFIBUS connector, tried and tested in millions of applications. It is then only necessary to close the cover and lock it with the slider (no tools required).

FastConnect stripping tool


In principle, all industry standard RJ45 Ethernet connectors can be used here. If the PN cable is to be assembled on site, the FastConnect stripping tool can be also be used here in connection with the “Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 Plug 180” connector.

IE FC RJ45 Plug 180


POF and PCF fiber-optic cables can be assembled easily on site using the PROFINET-compatible SC RJ connectors. The SC RJ connector used for both cable versions is a connector that secures the fibers and the strain relief elements by means of a clamping mechanism in the connector (screwed).

SC RJ connector (PCF)

POF cables

With the aid of the IE Termination Kit SC RJ POF Plug, cable lengths specific to the plant requirements can be assembled quickly and easily using the “SC RJ POF Plug”. In the case of the POF cables, the fibers protruding at the connector are trimmed to length with side cutters and then polished.

POF-FOC termination kit

PCF cables

With the aid of the IE Termination Kit SC RJ PCF Plug, cable lengths specific to the plant requirements can be assembled quickly and easily using the “SC RJ POF Plug”. In the case of the PCF cables, the fibers protruding from the connector are broken with a special tool after fixing in the connector.

PCF-FOC termination kit


LC connectors are extremely compact next-generation “small form factor” (SFF) connectors. The connector is available in a duplex version and is interlocked by means of the push/pull system.
With the aid of the FC FO Termination Kit (LC), cable lengths specific to the plant requirements can be assembled quickly and easily using the “FC FO LC Plug” LC connector. No specially trained personnel or expensive tools are necessary.
Alternatively, pre-assembled glass fiber cables are offered.

FO LC connector

FC FO Termination Kit (LC)

Technical specifications



SIMATIC ET 200SP, BusAdapter BA 2xRJ45, 2 RJ45 sockets for PROFINET


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.052 kg
Dimensions 6.80 × 7.60 × 3.00 mm


Product type designation

BA 2x RJ45

Number of PROFINET interfaces


● Number of RJ45 ports


● Number of SCRJ ports


● Number of LC ports


— Cu conductors

100 m

● horizontal installation, min.

-30 °C

● horizontal installation, max.

60 °C

● vertical installation, min.

-30 °C

● vertical installation, max.

50 °C

● Installation altitude above sea level, max.

2 000 m; On request: Installation altitudes greater than 2 000 m


20 mm


69.5 mm


59 mm

Weight, approx.

46 g

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