6ES7193-6BP60-0DA0 Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP Original Best Quality

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  • Product type designation BU type A0
  • 2-fold Base Unit
  • HW functional status From FS03
  • Rated value (DC) 24 V



The scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system is a highly flexible, modular I/O system with IP20 degree of protection. Via an interface module with PROFINET or PROFIBUS interface it can exchange IO data of the connected I/O modules with a higher-level control system. Alternatively, as further head-end stations, various PLC, F-PLC and Open Controllers are available as compact S7-1500 Controllers (Distributed Controller). ET 200SP components are available as SIPLUS version for extreme requirements and a high degree of robustness.


Simple application

  • Free selection of the PROFINET connection system and characteristics via bus adapter
  • No tools needed for one-handed wiring using push-in terminals
  • Improved accessibility of the wiring due to new arrangement of the spring NC contacts alongside the associated conductor aperture
  • Maximum clarity due to the use of color and reference code plates, as well as labeling strips
  • Diagnostics functions
  • Wiring test, diagnostics, naming etc. using the free PRONETA software tool

Additional functions

  • Measurement of machine consumption, e.g. current, using an integrated energy meter (up to 480 V)
  • Comprehensive diagnostics function (wire break and short-circuit) integrated by default even in Standard-class modules
  • System-integrated fail-safe modules (PROFIsafe) with simplified switchless address setting
  • Enhanced configuration control for easy option handling
  • Operation with gaps
  • Multi hot swapping
  • Larger module range (AS-i, AS-i Safety, additional CPU versions, Open Controller, etc.)
  • MSI/MSO: Simultaneous access to input and output data from up to 4 controllers
  • Adaptation of measuring range: Increased resolution by adapting the measuring range to a limited section of a measuring range supported by the analog input module
  • Station expansion through system-integrated IP67 components (ET 200AL)
  • Block I/O to IP20 degree of protection with 32 channels, comprising terminal block and electronic block
  • Discretely modular expansion to maximum of 128 channels or 12 modules
  • The complete ET 200S module spectrum can be used (with the exception of PROFIsafe modules)
  • Separation of terminal connections and electronics with permanent wiring
  • Screw-type and spring-loaded terminal connections
  • Standard terminal block with 2-wire connection system; 3-wire and 4-wire systems available using additional terminals
  • Mounting on standard rail
  • Hot swapping of expansion modules
  • Communication via PROFIBUS
  • Up to 100 bytes inputs and outputs (address space)


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30 mm


117 mm


35 mm

Weight, approx.

80 g

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