6ES7214-1HF40-0XB0 Siemens CPU 1214 FC Original Brand New


  • 6ES7214-1HF40-0XB0
  • SIMATIC S7-1200F
  • CPU 1214 FC
  • Fail-safe compact CPU
  • For standard or safety operating mode
  • PLe (ISO 13849-1)
  • SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
  • DC/DC/relay
  • PROFINET port
  • 14 digital inputs 24 V DC
  • 10 digital outputs relay 2A
  • 2 analogue inputs 0–10 V DC
  • Power supply: 20.4–28.8 V DC
  • Programme/data storage: 125 KB
  • Programming package from STEP 7 V14For safety operating mode
  • You need an installed STEP 7 Safety licence.***A return is only possible in unopened condition***

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Siemens CPU 1214 FC – 6ES7214-1HF40-0XB0



The fail-safe SIMATIC S7-1200 Controllers are based on the S7-1200 standard CPUs and offer additional safety-related functions.

They can be used for safety-oriented tasks according to IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 and ISO 13849-1 up to PL e.

Safety-related programs are created in the TIA Portal. The STEP 7 Safety engineering tool offers commands, operations and blocks for safety-related programs in the LAD and FBD languages. To this end, there is a library with pre-configured, TÜV-approved blocks for safety-related functions.

  • Standard controller with integrated safety functions:
    • Standardized and convenient diagnostic functions for standard and safety
    • Uniform symbols, data consistency, …
  • Modular system with scalable range of CPUs and expandable I/O quantity structure:
    • One engineering for standard and fail-safe automation
    • Use of the standard I/O modules together with the fail-safe I/O modules in the central system
    • Integrated standard PROFINET functionalities for PROFINET controllers and PROFINET iDevice services
    • Connection of distributed standard I/O via field bus such as PROFINET or PROFIBUS
    • F-library certified by the German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV) for all common safety functions
    • Free programming of the safety logic using FBD and LAD
    • Standard-compliant printout of the F-program
  • One integrated engineering for both standard and safety from S71200 to S7-300/400/1500 and WinAC RTX F:
    • STEP 7 Safety Basic for easy engineering of the Siemens 1214FC
    • STEP 7 Safety Advanced for the entire fail-safe SIMATIC S7 portfolio
  • Integrated system diagnosis of the CPUs, for standard and safety:
    • Consistent plain text display of system diagnostic information in the TIA Portal, HMI and web server
    • Messages are updated even if the CPU is in STOP state
    • System diagnostics integrated in the CPU firmware. Configuration by user not required
    • The diagnostics is automatically updated on configuration changes.
  • 2 fail-safe compact controllers with graded performances in the versions DC/DC/DC and DC/DC/relay



SIMATIC S7-1200 is the ideal controller for local and distributed automation solutions with safety requirements in the central configuration.

Via the engineering, the fail-safe SIMATIC S7-1200 controller makes preassembled, tested and TÜV/German Technical Inspectorate-certified blocks available for implementing all common safety functions, such as EMERGENCY STOP or protective door monitoring, with or without interlocking.

  • CPU 1212FC:
    The ideal compact solution for standard and fail-safe applications
  • CPU 1214 FC:
    The compact CPU for standard and fail-safe applications
  • CPU 1215 FC:
    The compact CPU with two PROFINET ports for standard and fail-safe applications


Mechanical features

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting on DIN rail or direct mounting in the cabinet using integral drill holes (not horizontal).
  • Terminal block for independent wiring for all CPUs and associated components.

Technical specifications


Siemens 6ES7214 1HF40 0XB0, SIMATIC S7-1200, CPU 1214 FC, compact CPU, DC/DC/relay, onboard I/O: 14 DI 24 V DC; 10 DO relay 2 A; 2 AI 0-10 V DC, Power supply: DC 20.4-28.8V DC, Program/data memory 125 KB


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.452 kg
Dimensions 10.90 × 11.60 × 8.60 mm


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