6ES7241-1CH32-0XB0 Siemens CM 1241 RS422/485 Original Brand New

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  • 6ES7241-1CH32-0XB0
  • SIMATIC S7-1200
  • Communication module CM 1241
  • RS422/485 9-pole SUB D (socket)
  • Supports freeport

Siemens CM 1241 RS422/485 – 6ES7241-1CH32-0XB0


  • For quick, high-performance serial data exchange via point-to-point connection
  • Implemented protocols: ASCII, USS drive protocol, Modbus RTU, 3964(R)
  • Additional protocols can also be loaded
  • Simple parameterization with STEP 7 Basic


The CM 1241 communications modules are used for quick, high-performance serial data exchange via point-to-point connection.

Point-to-point connection is possible to, e.g.:

  • SIMATIC S7 automation systems and the systems of many other manufacturers
  • Printers
  • Robot controls
  • Modems
  • Scanners
  • Bar code readers, etc.


The CM 1241 communications modules have the same design features as the basic devices.

  • Installation on DIN rails:
    The modules are snapped onto the rail next to the CPU on the right and are electrically and mechanically connected to each other and to the CPU by the integral slide mechanism.
  • Direct installation:
    Horizontal or vertical mounting on DIN rail or direct mounting in the cabinet using integral lugs.

The communications modules are equipped with the following:

  • Status LEDs for indicating “Send”, “Receive” and “Error”
  • Communication interface:
    available for the RS232 or RS422/485 physical transmission properties


The following standard protocols are available on the CM 1241 communications modules:

  • ASCII:
    For interfacing to third-party systems with simple transmission protocols, e.g. protocols with start and end characters or with block check characters. The interface handshake signals can be called and controlled via the user program.
  • Modbus:
    For communication according to the Modbus protocol with RTU format:

    • Modbus Master:
      Master-slave interfacing with SIMATIC S71200 as master.
    • Modbus slave:
      master-slave interfacing with SIMATIC S7 as slave; message frame traffic from slave to slave not possible.
  • USS drive protocol:
    instructions for connection of USS protocol drives are especially supported. In this case, drives exchange data over RS485. It is then possible to control these drives, and to read and write parameters.

Further drivers for downloading are also available.


Parameterization of the CM 1241 communications module is particularly user-friendly and simple with STEP 7 Basic:

  • The user assigns the module characteristics via a parameterization environment integrated in STEP 7 Basic, e.g.:
    • The implemented protocol drivers that are used.
    • The driver-specific characteristics that are used.

Technical specifications


Siemens 6ES7241 1CH32 0XB0, SIMATIC S7-1200, Communication module CM 1241 RS422 485, 9-pole D-sub (socket) supports Freeport


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.159 kg
Dimensions 9.10 × 10.90 × 5.80 mm


Product type designation

CM 1241 RS 422 / 485

Rated value (DC)

24 V

permissible range, lower limit (DC)

20.4 V

permissible range, upper limit (DC)

28.8 V

Current consumption, max.

220 mA; From backplane bus 5 V DC

Power loss, typ.

1.1 W

Interfaces/bus type

RS 422 / 485 (X.27)

Number of interfaces


● Cable length, max.

1 000 m

— Freeport



Yes; Available as library function

— Modbus RTU master


— MODBUS RTU slave



Yes; Available as library function

— Telegram length, max.

1 kbyte

— Bits per character

7 or 8

— Number of stop bits

1 (Standard), 2

— Parity

No parity (standard); even, uneven, mark (parity bit always 1); space (parity bit always 0)

— Number of slaves, max.

247; slave numbers 1 through 247, per MODBUS network segment maximum 32 devices, additional repeaters needed to expand the network to maximum configuration

— Address area

1 through 49 999 (Standard Modbus addressing)

Diagnostics function


● for status of the outputs


IP degree of protection


CE mark


CSA approval


UL approval




FM approval


RCM (formerly C-TICK)


KC approval


Marine approval


● Fall height, max.

0.3 m; five times, in product package

● horizontal installation, min.

-20 °C

● horizontal installation, max.

60 °C

● vertical installation, min.

-20 °C

● vertical installation, max.

50 °C

● permissible temperature change

5°C to 55°C, 3°C / minute

● min.

-40 °C

● max.

70 °C

● Operation, min.

795 hPa

● Operation, max.

1 080 hPa

● Storage/transport, min.

660 hPa

● Storage/transport, max.

1 080 hPa

● Operation at 25 ℃ without condensation, max.

95 %


30 mm


100 mm


75 mm

Weight, approx.

155 g

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