6ES7288-5CM01-0AA0 SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200 SMART Original Brand New


  • 6ES7288-5CM01-0AA0
  • Communication module CM 01
  • RS485, 9-pole D-sub (pin)
  • Supports Freeport

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S7-200 SMART Programmable controller

S7 200 Smart PLC is Cheapest or Low Price Range in Siemens PLC product

New S7 200 SMART is positioned above Logo PLC and Below S7 1200 PLC due to the Fact that it has higher Functional capabilities like more capacity , more IO handling capacity , Communication possibilities as compare to LOGO and S7 200 CN

Siemens S7 200 SMART PLC has One Ethernet port and one serial port (RS 485) on board so Simatic HMI panel having PN port can be directly connected to SMART CPU

HIGH CPU of S7 200 Smart Offer 50 % Higher onboard IOs

Siemens S7 200 SMART has only CE certification Like S7 200 CN PLC

S7 200 Smart optimized IO module collection helping reduce inventory and cost effective configuration

More models, more choices

It provides CPU modules that have a great number of I/O points onboard (up to 60 points.) The CPU module has a standard type and compact type for the users to choose, which can meet the different needs of customers.

Extension options, accurate customization

The new signal boards are designed with accessible communication ports, digital or analog channels, that are closely fitting to the user’s application requirements, and lower the user’s costs for expansion.

High speed chip, outstanding performance

It is equipped with Siemens dedicated processor chip, the basic instruction execution time is up to 0.15 μs, it has the leading performance equated to the micro PLC of the same level, it can easily deal with complex and fast processes.

Ethernet interconnectivity, economic and convenient

All CPUs have integrated Ethernet interface to download the programs conveniently and quickly using the common cable. Through the Ethernet port, it can connect to other Simatic CPUs / HMIs to realize interconnection and set up the network.

Tri-axial pulse, liberty in motion

Provides powerful functions of speed and positioning control, the CPU module can maximally integrate three 100 kHz high speed pulse outputs, and support PWM/PTO.

Common SD card, fast update

This PLC integrates Micro SD card slot, supports common Micro SD card, can be used to update the program or device firmware, and can provide great convenience to the engineer who conducts the field service.

Intelligible software, programming efficiency

Based on the powerful functions inherited from the Siemens programming software, it has absorbed more humanized design which has enhanced the user friendliness of the software greatly. Improved the efficiency in developing the program.

Perfect integration, seamless integration

The perfect integration of SIMATIC S7-200 SMART, Basic LINE HMI and SINAMICS V20/V90, forms the micro automation solutions that is cost-effective; meeting the OEM customer’s full range of demand.

The new S7-200 SMART has two different types of CPU modules, i.e. standard type and compact type. Standard type CPU is expandable with I/O expansion modules and signal boards. Compact type CPUs are non expandable with I/O expansion modules and signal boards.

Standard type CPU module

CPU SR20/SR30/SR40/SR60

CPU ST20/ST30/ST40/ST60

Ethernet communication

All the CPU modules are equipped with Ethernet interface, which supports Siemens S7 protocol, can support many terminal connections:

  • Communicate with SimaticKey/touch HMI with Profinet /Ethernet interface, maximally support 8 sets of equipment
  • Communicate with multiple Ethernet equipment through the switch to achieve fast data communication.
  • Supports upto 8 active GET/PUT connections and 8 passive GET/PUT connections.
  • Serial communication On board RS485 port as well as additional RS232/485 port using CM01 can communicate with the inverter and touch screen and so on third party equipments. Signal board offers configurable RS232/RS485 port, maximally supports for up to 4 devices. Serial port supports the following protocols:


SIMATIC S7-200 SMART, Communication module CM 01, RS485, 9-pole D-sub (pin), supports Freeport


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