6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 Siemens SIMATIC DP CPU 1512SP F-1 PN Original Brand New


  • CPU 1512SP F-1 PN for ET 200SP
  • Central module
  • PL/Category in accordance with ISO13849-1: PL e/Cat. 4
  • SIL in accordance with IEC 61508: SIL 3
  • Interface: PROFINET IRT with 3 Port switch
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC (19.2–28.8 V DC)
  • Max. switching current: 4.7 A
  • Working memory: 300 kByte program; 1 MByte data
  • 48 NS Bit performance
  • SIMATIC memory card and bus adapter for Port 1 and 2 required

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6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 Siemens SIMATIC DP CPU 1512SP F-1 PN


  • 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN for SIMATIC ET 200SP based on S7-1500 CPU 1513F-1 PN
  • For applications with medium requirements in terms of program scope and processing speed, for distributed configurations via PROFINET IO or PROFIBUS DP.
  • Increase in availability of systems and machines
  • Supports PROFIsafe in centralized and distributed configuration
  • PROFINET IO controller for up to 128 IO devices
  • PROFINET I-Device for connecting the CPU as an intelligent PROFINET device with a SIMATIC or non-Siemens PROFINET IO controller
  • PROFINET shared I-Device for 4 controllers
  • PROFINET IO IRT interface with integrated 3-port switch
  • Isochronous mode on PROFINET
  • With multiple communication options:
    Programming device/OP communication, PROFINET IO, open IE communication (TCP, ISO-on-TCP and UDP), web server and S7 communication (with loadable FBs)
  • OPC UA Server and Client (Data Access) as runtime option for easy connection of the SIMATIC ET 200SP to non-Siemens devices/systems
  • Optional PROFIBUS master for 125 PROFIBUS DP slaves (with CM DP module 6ES7545-5DA00-0AB0)
  • Configuration control (option handling)
  • Integrated Motion Control functionalities for controlling speed-controlled and positioning axes, support for external encoders


SIMATIC Memory Card required for operation of the CPU.

The BusAdapter is not included in the scope of supply and must be ordered separately.


The 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN is the CPU for standard and fail-safe applications with medium requirements in terms of processing performance and response speed in discrete production technology. The 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN can be used as a PROFINET IO controller or as distributed intelligence (PROFINET I-Device). The integrated PROFINET IO IRT interface is designed as a 3-port switch so that a linear topology can be set up in the system via Port 1 and 2, and so that a programming device/PC or HMI device can also be connected via Port 3.

When used as an I-Device, the 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN enables distributed preprocessing of process data locally and only delivers the information actually required to the higher-level PLC. This has the following advantages:

  • Reduced load on the central PLC
  • Short response times to critical local signals
  • Less load on the bus system due to smaller data volumes
  • Faster set-up due to pretested units and parallel commissioning
  • Increased availability and flexibility due to autonomous machine units
  • Clear-cut configuration

The 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN operates completely independently of the central PLC. If it fails, the 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN simply continues running.

The bit-modular configuration of the ET 200SP I/O system, together with the 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN, enables functionally oriented station configuration.

In addition, the CPU offers comprehensive control functionalities via easy-to-configure blocks as well as the ability to connect drives via standardized PLCopen blocks.


The 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN is snapped directly onto the standard DIN rail and has the following:

  • A powerful processor:
    The CPU achieves command execution times as low as 48 ns per binary instruction.
  • Large work memory:
    300 KB for program, 1 MB for data.
  • SIMATIC Memory Cards as load memory;
    permitting additional functions such as firmware update, datalog and archives.
  • Bit-modular expandability for maximum flexibility;
    up to 64 I/O modules (I/O, technology, and communication modules) in any combination. Station width up to 1 m.
  • PROFINET IO IRT interface with 3 integrated switch ports:
    • Port 1 and 2 via BusAdapter (the 6ES7512-1SK01-0AB0 CPU 1512SP F-1 PN is supplied without a BusAdapter and can also be operated without one). The appropriate BusAdapter (BA 2xRJ45 or BA 2xFC) is to be ordered separately if needed).
    • Port 3 via integrated RJ45 socket.
  • Integrated communication functions:
    • PG/OP communication
    • Open IE communication (TCP, ISO-on-TCP and UDP)
    • OPC UA server/client (data access)
    • Web server
    • S7 communication
    • S7 routing
    • Data record routing
  • Maintenance-free data backup without battery
  • Diagnostics displays for errors (Error), operation (RUN/Stop), maintenance (MT), power supply (PWR) and one link LED per port
  • Optional labeling using light gray or yellow labeling strips. There is a choice of 2 materials:
    • Foil and roll with 500 strips, for thermal transfer roll printer
    • Paper (280 g/m2), DIN A4 sheets with 100 strips each, for laser printer
  • The ET 200SP CPU can be equipped with a reference ID label.
  • Different connection types of PROFINET by means of BusAdapter
    • Under standard ambient conditions, BA 2xRJ45 for connection via RJ45 plug
    • In the case of mechanical loading during operation and/or increased EMC requirements, BA 2xFC for direct connection of the PROFINET cable
  • Dark BaseUnit as first BaseUnit behind the ET200SP CPU when using an AC I/O module or an AI Energy Meter ST as the first I/O module

Scope of delivery

CPU 1512SP F-1 PN including server module, 24 V DC connector and cover for BusAdapter port (BusAdapter must be ordered separately)


  • Performance
    • High-speed command processing
    • High-performance network connection:
      CPU comes equipped with a PROFINET IO IRT interface (3-port switch) as standard.
  • Integrated technology
    • Connection of analog and PROFIdrive-capable drives via standardized blocks (PLCopen)
    • Support of speed-controlled and positioning axes as well as external encoders
    • Precise position gearing for synchronous operation between axes
    • Trace functions for all CPU tags, both for diagnostics in real time and for sporadic error detection
    • Comprehensive control functionalities, e.g. easily configurable blocks for automatic optimization of the control parameters for optimum control quality
  • Isochronous mode
    • Synchronous coupling of distributed signal acquisition, signal transmission, and program execution to the PROFINET cycle with constant bus cycle time
  • Security Integrated
    • Password-based know-how protection against unauthorized read-out and modification of program blocks
    • Copy protection for tying individual blocks to the serial number of the SIMATIC Memory Card:
      The block can only run if the configured Memory Card is inserted in the CPU.
    • 4-stage authorization concept:
      Communication to operator panels can also be restricted.
    • Manipulation protection:
      The controller recognizes changed or unauthorized transmissions of the engineering data.
  • Integrated system diagnostics
    • System diagnostics information is displayed consistently and in plain text in the TIA Portal, operator panels and web server, even for messages from the drives, and updated even if the CPU is in STOP mode.
    • Integrated in the firmware of the CPU, no special configuration is required
  • Configuration control (option handling) in central setup
    • Various hardware configurations can be stored in the PLC:
      Modification of the configuration in the user program (startup OB100),
      Retrofitting of options at end of configuration;
      Use of placeholder modules is possible.
  • SIMATIC Memory Card (required for operation of the CPU)
    • Used as plug-in load memory or for updating the firmware
    • Also for storing additional documents or csv files (for recipes and archives)
    • Creation of data blocks and storage/reading of data via SFCs of the user program
  • Datalog (archives) and recipes
    • Storage of csv files for recipes and archives on the SIMATIC Memory Card;
      easy access to plant-relevant operating data using Office tools and via web server.
    • Easy access to configuration data of the machine by means of a web browser or SD card reader (two-way data exchange from and to the PLC)
  • Programming of the standard program section
    • Programming with STEP 7 Professional, V13 SP1 and higher
  • Programming of the fail-safe program section
    • Programming of the safety-related program section with the “STEP 7 Safety Advanced” option package.


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