6ES7551-1AB00-0AB0 Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 Original Brand New

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  • 6ES7551-1AB00-0AB0
  • SIMATIC S7-1500
  • 2 Digital Input
  • 2 DQ per channel

SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200 – 6ES7551-1AB00-0AB0


  • 2-channel counter and position detection module with RS 422 interface
  • Extensive parameterization options for optimum task-specific adaptation
  • Reduces load on controller due to preprocessing on the module
  • Position detection with incremental and SSI absolute encoders
  • Speed and time period measuring
  • Storage and comparison functions
  • Connection of encoders with RS 422 signals or 5V-TTL signals


The position detection module TMPosInput 2 is used for counting tasks as well as position detection.

In counting mode, the module detects high-speed signals with high frequencies and forwards the counter reading and the current speed to the control. The counter control ensures a precise counter result and rapid response in the system via digital input and output signals. Comprehensive parameterization options provide optimum adaptation to the task at hand and reduce control load.

For position detection, incremental encoders or SSI absolute encoders can be connected. Absolute encoders offer the advantage that the position of the axis is immediately available after switching on without the need for a reference run.


  • Uniform display and diagnostics concept:
    • Module status display for ERROR (red LED) and RUN (green LED)
    • Channel status display for signal state log. “0” and log. “1” (green LED) or diagnostics display (red LED)
    • Display for monitoring the 24 V DC supply voltage (green LED)
    • Display of counter activity
  • Counting:
    • High-speed counting up and down, up to a signal frequency of 1 MHz
    • Counting range adjustable up to +/- 31 bits
    • Position detection with incremental encoder
    • Saving or setting of the count with digital input
  • Connection of SSI encoders
    • Position recording with SSI encoders with a frame length of 10 to 40 bits
    • Position value up to 31 bits long
    • Hiding or showing of additional status bits in the SSI frame
    • Measuring of the current speed
    • Storing of the current position value with digital input (capture)
  • Measuring:
    • Measuring the current frequency
    • Output of the measured value as cycle duration
    • Output of the measured value as speed in various units
    • Settable updating time for smoothing agitated measurement signals
  • Supported functions:
    • Integrated digital inputs and outputs for high-speed response
    • 2 comparators per channel for controlling the digital outputs
    • Hardware interrupts, parameterizable
    • Isochronous mode
    • User-friendly configuration through instructions and technology objects
    • 24 V and 5 V encoder supply
  • Uniform system functions of SIMATIC S7-1500 and ET 200MP:
    • Identification and maintenance data
    • Firmware update
    • Unambiguous labeling on front of module
    • Uniform front connector


SIMATIC S7-1500 6ES7551-1AB00-0AB0, TM POSINPUT 2 Counter and position detection module for RS422 incremental encoder or SSI absolute value encoder, 2 channels, 2 DI, 2 DQ per channel


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