6FX3002-2CT10-1BA0 SIEMENS Signal Line Pre-assembled For S-1FL6 Original Brand New


  • 6FX3002-2CT10-1BA0
  • Signal line pre-assembled 6FX3002-2CT10
  • For incremental encoder in S-1FL6 HI 3x 2x 0.22+2x2X0.25
  • Dmax=7.8 mm length (m)=10 m

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SIEMENS Signal Line Pre-assembled For S-1FL6 – 6FX3002-2CT10-1BA0


MOTION-CONNECT cables are suitable for use with many different types of machine tools and production machines. MOTION-CONNECT cables are available as ready-to-connect power and signal cables as well as cables sold by the meter in the following versions:
– Cost-effective solution for mainly fixed installation
– Use for low mechanical loads
– Tested for traversing paths up to 5 m (16.41 ft)
– Fulfills the requirements for use in cable carriers
– Use for high mechanical loads
– Oil resistance
– Tested for traversing paths up to 50 m (164 ft)


The pre-assembled MOTION-CONNECT cables ensure high quality and system-tested, problem-free operation.
MOTION-CONNECT cables have been tested in a cable carrier.
The new pre-assembled cables with SPEED-CONNECT connectors support a fast, stable and reliable connection. With a short rotation as far as the stop, the lock nut of the connector secures the connection.

The cables with SPEED-CONNECT connectors supplement the previously offered MOTION-CONNECT cables with full-thread connectors.


MOTION-CONNECT cables are designed for use in a machine. They are not intended for use in building management systems or outdoors. The MOTION-CONNECT cables have been tested in a cable carrier with horizontal traversing path and have also been designed for this type of application.

The pre-assembled cables can be ordered in length units of 10 cm (3.94 in) and can be extended, if necessary.
When cable lengths (basic cables and extensions) are determined for the systems and applications described in this catalog, the technically permissible maximum cable lengths (e.g. 25 m (82 ft)) specified in the catalog must be observed.

Malfunctions can occur if longer cables are used. Siemens AG assumes no liability for correct transmission of signals or power in this case.


To maximize the service life of the cable carrier and cables, cables in the carrier made from different materials must be separated in the cable carrier using spacers. The spacers must be filled evenly to ensure that the position of the cables does not change during operation.

The cables should be distributed as symmetrically as possible according to their weights and dimensions. Cables with very different outer diameters should be separated by spacers.

The strain relief for the cables must be realized through a large surface area at the surface of the cable jacket without crushing the cable structure. The cable fixings must be attached at both ends at an appropriate distance away from the end points of the moving parts in a dead zone

The cables must not be fixed in the cable carrier. They must be freely movable. The cables must be able to be moved without applying force in particular in the bending radii of the carrier. The specified minimum bending radii must be adhered to.

Cables must be installed in accordance with the instructions supplied by the cable carrier manufacturer. When inserting pre-assembled cables into the cable carrier, do not pull at the connector, as this may damage the strain relief or cable clamping.

In case of vibration load and with horizontal or vertical cable entries, we recommend that the cable is additionally fixed if between the cable strain relief on the cable carrier and the terminal at the motor part of the cable is hanging loose or is not routed.

To prevent machine vibrations being transmitted to the connectors, the cable should be fixed at the moving part where the motor is mounted.


signal line pre-assembled 6FX3002-2CT10 for incremental encoder in S-1FL6 HI 3x 2x 0.22+2x2X0.25 MOTION-CONNECT 300 UL/CSA Dmax=7.8 mm length (m)=10 m 6FX3002-2CT10-1BA0


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Dimensions 500 × 500 × 80 mm


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