6GK1901-1BB10-2AE0 SIEMENS Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 (50 PCS) Original Brand New


  • 6GK1901-1BB10-2AE0 (50 PCS)
  • Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 plug 180 2x 2
  • RJ45 plug-in connector (10/100 Mbit/s) with rugged metal enclosure and FC connection system
  • for IE FC TP cable 2x 2; 180° cable outlet 1 pack = 50 units.

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SIEMENS Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 – 6GK1901-1BB10-2AE0


  • The CPU for applications with high availability requirements, also in connection with functional safety requirements
  • Can be used for safety functions up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508 and up to PLe according to ISO 13849
  • A very large program data memory enables the realization of extensive applications.
  • High processing speed for binary and floating-point arithmetic
  • Used as central PLC with distributed I/O
  • Supports PROFIsafe in distributed configurations
  • PROFINET IO RT interface with 2-port switch
  • Two additional PROFINET interfaces with separate IP addresses
  • PROFINET IO controller for operating distributed I/O on PROFINET


The CPU 1518HF-4 PN is the CPU with an extremely large program and data memory for applications which have higher requirements for availability compared with standard and fail-safe CPUs.
It is suitable for both standard and safety-critical applications up to SIL3 / PLe.

The CPU can be used as PROFINET IO controller. The integrated PROFINET IO RT interface is designed as a 2-port switch, enabling a ring topology to be set up in the system. The additional integrated PROFINET interfaces with separate


  • Performance
    • Faster command processing, depending on the CPU type, language extensions and new data types
    • High-performance network connection: Each CPU is equipped with PROFINET IO RT (2-port switch) as standard interface. Additional PROFINET interface integrated, e.g. for network separation.
  • Security Integrated
    • Password-based know-how protection against unauthorized read-out and modification of program blocks
    • Copy protection for tying individual blocks to the serial number of the SIMATIC Memory Card:
      The block can only run if the configured memory card is inserted in the CPU.
    • 4-level authorization concept:
      Communication to operator panels can also be restricted.
    • Manipulation protection:
      The controller recognizes changed or unauthorized transmissions of the engineering data.
  • Design and handling
    • Display of overview information:
      e.g. station name, plant designation, location identifier, etc., diagnostic information, module information, display settings.
    • Possible operations on the display:
      Set addresses, set date and time, select operating mode of CPU, reset CPU to factory settings, disable/enable display, activate protection levels.
  • Integrated system diagnostics
    • System diagnostics information is displayed consistently and in plain text in the display, TIA Portal, operator panels and web server, even for messages from the drives, and updated even if the CPU is in STOP mode.
    • Integrated in the firmware of the CPU, no special configuration is required
  • SIMATIC Memory Card (required for operation of the CPU)
    • Used as plug-in load memory or for updating the firmware.
    • Also for storing additional documents or csv files (for recipes and archives)
  • Programming of the standard program section
    • Programming with STEP 7 V17
  • Programming of the fail-safe program section
    • Programming of the safety-related program section with the “STEP 7 Safety Advanced” option package


Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 plug 180 2x 2, RJ45 plug-in connector (10/100 Mbit/s) with rugged metal enclosure and FC connection system, for IE FC TP cable 2x 2; 180° cable outlet 1 pack = 50 units.


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