6GK7243-7KX30-0XE0 Siemens CP 12427 LTE EU Communication processor


  • 6GK7243-7KX30-0XE0
  • Communication processor CP 1243-7 LTE EU for the connection of the SIMATIC S7-1200 to LTE networks in the European frequency range
  • Transmission rate Downlink: 42 Mbit/s
  • Transmission rate uplink: 5.76 Mbit/s

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Communication processor Siemens CP 1242-7 LTE EU – 6GK7243-7KX30-0XE0


CP 1243-7 LTE is used to connect the S7-1200 to a mobile wireless 4th Generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) network. The increased data rates compared to GPRS and widespread introduction of LTE open up new areas of application. The CP1243-7 is characterized by the following properties:

  • 1 connection to LTE (4G) mobile wireless network
    (various versions for EU and North America)
  • Integration into telecontrol applications via IEC60870-5-104, DNP3 or Telecontrol Server Basic
  • Data transfer of measured values, control variables, or alarms optimized for telecontrol systems
  • Operation with fixed IP addresses and dynamic IP addresses with standard cellular phone contract
  • Time synchronization based on NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • “On-demand” connection setup via voice call or SMS
  • Sending and receiving of SMS
  • Teleservice access with STEP 7 to substations via mobile wireless networks
  • Compact industrial enclosure in S7-1200 design for mounting on a DIN rail
  • Temperature range in operation: -20°C to +70°C
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Diagnostics LEDs (overall status and details)
  • Integrated security functions (VPN and firewall)
  • Access to the CPU web server
  • Fast commissioning due to simplified configuration with STEP 7
  • Data buffering of up to 64 000 values ensures a secure database even with temporary connection failures
  • Support of SINEMA Remote Connect with autoconfiguration


  • Fully automatic time stamp

    To enable subsequent and correct archiving of process data in the control system, all data frames are time-stamped at their place of origin.

  • Fast and flexible data communication

    Operators are quickly provided with alarms, statuses and values from the process, and they can influence process control by entering commands or setpoints at any time.

  • Simple, low-cost engineering

    The cyclic or event-controller transfer of measurements, setpoints or alarms can be implemented in just a few steps, without any programming effort.

  • Remote diagnostics

    Saves traveling and maintenance costs due to cost-effective remote programming, diagnostics, control and monitoring via the Internet.

  • Industrial Security

    Protection of automation networks and secure data exchange. User-specific firewall rules can be used to assign specific access privileges to users and not just to devices.


Using CP1243-7 LTE enables the S7-1200 to be used as a remote terminal unit (substation) in telecontrol applications. Typical application examples are the collection of measured values in outdoor areas over widely distributed geographical areas (level measurement for water tanks in the water/waste water industries) or centralized opening and closing of valves (oil/gas transport in pipelines).

  • Data exchange and centralized data monitoring for automation solutions spread over large geographical areas
  • Establishment of permanent or temporary communication link for mobile machines/vehicles without permanent location
  • Global remote access to the end customer’s machinery in compliance with IT security requirements
  • Connection of difficult-to-access external stations without a network infrastructure

These applications can be found in the most diverse sectors:

  • Water/wastewater treatment plants – pump/valve controllers
  • Traffic and transportation – traffic light controls, lighting controls
  • Power engineering – monitoring of transformer stations, meter readout
  • Mechanical engineering – centralized remote maintenance of machines used around the world
  • Wind energy – condition monitoring of wind turbines
  • Vending machine manufacturers – monitoring, control of beverage vending machines


The CP 1243-7 LTE offers all the advantages of the S7-1200 design:

  • Rugged, compact plastic enclosure
  • Easily accessible connection and diagnostics elements, protected by front flaps
  • Removable connecting terminals
  • Simple mounting on the mounting rail of the S7-1200
  • 3-pin plug-in terminal strip for connection of the 24 V DC external supply voltage
  • SMA connection for GSM/GPRS antennas

The CP 1243-7 LTE is plugged into the left system bus interface of the S7-1200. The power is supplied via a 3-pin terminal strip on top of the module. The antenna socket and the SIM card slot are located on the underside of the module, protected by the lower front flap.


The CP 1243-7 LTE is a communications module for the S7-1200. The module makes it possible to connect the S7-1200 as a remote station to Telecontrol Server Basic via mobile wireless or other control stations via DNP3 or IEC60870 in just a few steps

Connection of S7-1200 to Telecontrol Server via mobile wireless and DSL Internet access

Completely configurable application using “data point configuration”

The introduction of the “data point configuration” in STEP 7 dispenses with all programming effort for transfer of data to the control center.

The data of the CPU relevant to the control center is selected via user-friendly “item browsing” in STEP 7. In a clearly-arranged menu, the data transfer parameters are then assigned to the data points selected in this way. The cyclic or event-controller transfer of measurements, setpoints or alarms can thus be implemented in only a few operations and without programming effort.

Data backup

Data losses are prevented by the data buffering mechanisms integrated in the product.

In the event of a connection failure, up to 64 000 time-stamped values are buffered. When the connection returns, the buffered values are automatically transferred to the control center in the right order.

Email notification

Alert emails can be configured for timely provision of stations’ states to service or maintenance personnel. If previously defined events (such as threshold violation) should occur, application-specific information is sent automatically by email.


The CP 1243-7 LTE offers comprehensive diagnostic options for a quick and informative analysis of the station status. Elementary diagnostic information about the connection to the control center is signaled directly via LEDs at the CP.

Using STEP 7 and the Web server, comprehensive information can be retrieved, such as connection history, buffer status or the transferred measured values.

Remote maintenance

For remote access from the control center to the substation, the CP provides a remote maintenance port in parallel with process operation. This ensures access for monitoring and program changes. Support of SINEMA Remote Connect with autoconfiguration.

Virtual Private Network (IPSec)

The connection of S7-1200 via a VPN network ensures that only authenticated network nodes can communicate with the PLC. Secure encryption of the data and verification of the data integrity protect the data traffic from espionage and manipulation.

Stateful inspection firewall

By using a firewall, the S7-1200 can provide additional protection against unauthorized access and attempted manipulation. The firewall filters data packets and checks the communication connections in accordance with the filter list. Both incoming and outgoing communication can be filtered based on IP and MAC addresses.

Web server access

Access to the Web server of the CPU via the mobile wireless interface for easy diagnostics.

Support for the DNP3 protocol

The communication to the control center is based on the established standard of the DNP3 Specification 2 (2007/2009).
Thanks to support of the object and data transfer mechanisms defined in the specification, compatibility with PCS 7, WinCC (with corresponding telecontrol packages), and all other control center systems available on the market is ensured.

Support for IEC 60870-5-104 standard

Communication with the control center is based on the established communication standard in accordance with IEC 60870-5-104.
This ensures that telecontrol and instrumentation and control devices and systems from Siemens or other vendors can communicate with each other without any fundamental adaptations.


Connection of S7-1200 to Telecontrol Server via mobile network and DSL Internet access

Technical specifications


More information

Technical requirements/compatibility

A S7-1200 CPU as of firmware version 4.1 is required for operation.

STEP 7 Basic/Professional V13 SP1 (TIA Portal) or higher must be used for configuration.

Telecontrol Basic:
Telecontrol Server Basic Version V3 SP1 is required for connection to a Telecontrol control room.

You will find more information on the topic of Industrial Security on the Internet at:


Communications processor CP 1243-7 LTE EU for Connection of SIMATIC S7-1200 to LTE network in European Frequency range


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.204 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 mm


product type designation

CP 1243-7 LTE EU

transfer rate

● for LTE transmission

number of interfaces / acc. to Industrial Ethernet


number of electrical connections

number of slots

● for SIM cards


type of electrical connection

● for external antenna(s)

SMA socket (50 ohms)

● for power supply

3-pole terminal block

slot version

● for SIM card


type of mobile wireless service

● is supported / SMS


● is supported / GPRS


type of wireless network / is supported







operating frequency / for GSM transmission

900 MHz, 1800 MHz

operating frequency / with UMTS transmission

900 MHz, 2100 MHz

operating frequency / for LTE transmission

800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2600 MHz

type of voltage / of the supply voltage


supply voltage / external

24 V

supply voltage / external / at DC / rated value

24 V

relative positive tolerance / at DC / at 24 V

20 %

relative negative tolerance / at DC / at 24 V

20 %

consumed current

● from external supply voltage / at DC / at 24 V / typical

0.1 A

● from external supply voltage / at DC / at 24 V / maximum

0.22 A

ambient temperature

● for vertical installation / during operation

-20 … +60 °C

● for horizontally arranged busbars / during operation

-20 … +70 °C

● during storage

-40 … +70 °C

● during transport

-40 … +70 °C

relative humidity

● at 25 °C / without condensation / during operation / maximum

95 %

protection class IP


module format

Compact module S7-1200 single width

fastening method

● 35 mm top hat DIN rail mounting


● S7-300 rail mounting


● wall mounting


number of units

● per CPU / maximum


number of users/telephone numbers / definable / maximum


number of possible connections / for open communication

● by means of T blocks / maximum

like CPU

number of possible connections

● as email client / maximum


suitability for use

● substation


control center connection

Telecontrol Server Basic

● by means of a permanent connection


● by means of demand-oriented connection


● note

Connection to SCADA system using OPC interface

● DNP3


● IEC 60870-5


product function / data buffering if connection is aborted

Yes; 64,000 events

number of stations / for direct communication / with Telecontrol Server Basic

● in send direction / maximum


● in receive direction / maximum


diagnostics function / online diagnostics with SIMATIC STEP 7


● program download with SIMATIC STEP 7


● remote firmware update


configuration software

● required

STEP 7 Basic/Professional

product function / web-based diagnostics


firewall version

stateful inspection

product function / with VPN connection


type of encryption algorithms / with VPN connection

AES-256, AES-192, AES-128, 3DES-168, DES-56

type of authentication procedure / with VPN connection

Preshared key (PSK), X.509v3 certificates

type of hashing algorithms / with VPN connection

MD5, SHA-1

number of possible connections / with VPN connection


product function

● password protection for teleservice access


● encrypted data transmission


protocol / is supported



time synchronization

● from control center


certificate of suitability / CCC / for hazardous zone according to GB standard


● to web page: selection aid TIA Selection Tool


● to website: Industrial communication


● to website: Industry Mall


● to website: Information and Download Center


● to website: Image database


● to website: CAx-Download-Manager


● to website: Industry Online Support


security information

Siemens provides products and solutions with industrial security functions that support the secure operation of plants, solutions, machines, equipment and/or networks. They are important components in a holistic industrial security concept. With this in mind, Siemens’ products and solutions undergo continuous development. Siemens recommends strongly that you regularly check for product updates. For the secure operation of Siemens products and solutions, it is necessary to take suitable preventive action(e.g. cell protection concept) and integrate each component into a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. Third-party products that may be in use should also be considered. For more information about industrial security, visit http://www.siemens.com/industrialsecurity. To stay informed about product updates as they occur, sign up for a product-specific newsletter. For more information, visit http://support.automation.siemens.com. (V3.4)

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