6SE6400-0AP00-0AB0 Siemens Advanced Operator Panel (AAOP) Original Brand New

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  • 6SE6400-0AP00-0AB0
  • Advanced Operator Panel
  • MICROMASTER 4 ASIAN Advanced Operator Panel (AAOP)

Siemens Advanced Operator Panel 6SE6400-0AP00-0AB0

The Micromaster 420 and 440 series models are supplied with a Status Display Panel (SDP). When a higher level of control, information feedback or the ability to change parameters is required, an operator panel must be used. There are 2 options: Basic Operator Panel (BOP) or Advanced Operator Panel (AOP).

Basic Operator Panel (BOP)

With this panel the user can change the default settings for a particular application. Using the BOP it is possible to access to levels 1 to 3 of the parameter set. Factors which can be modified include:

Direction of motor rotation

Advanced Operator Panel (AOP)

Additional feature over BOP:

Communication via RS-232 interface
Expanded language facility
Diagnostic menu & fault finding assistance
Values displayed e.g. speed, frequency
Capacity to store & download up to 10 parameters sets
Digital & Analogue inputs
Serial link via USS Protocol
Automated system via Profibus connection

There are two main modes of operation for the AOP when connected to a network of Micromaster 4th generation drive. These modes are both under the  Master mode of operation on the AOP allowing a single drive to be accessed on the network with full control/parameter access or selecting B or broadcast mode all drives on the network can be set to start/stop at the same time. The AOP has the capability to control up to 31 inverters connected as a network. A unique two-digit number identifies each inverter.

The AOP may be configured as an RS232 to RS485 converter. This will allow a PC running software such as DriveMonitor to connect to a network of drives, as described above.

The upread facility allows a user to read the parameter set from an inverter to the AOP and store the parameter set within the AOP’s internal memory. The AOP can read from a single inverter in local mode or from one specified inverter on a network of inverters in master mode. The AOP can upread up to 10 parameter sets from the connected inverters, the number of sets will depend on the type of inverters that are connected to the AOP. For more details on available memory see P8562 in the relevant parameter list or Section 2.5 on page 10 of this manual. It should be noted that the timer settings also use AOP memory



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