6SE6400-0BP00-0AA1 Siemens Basic Operator Panel (BOP) Original Brand New

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  • 6SE6400-0BP00-0AA1
  • Basic Operator Panel (BOP)
  • Micromaster 4 Parameter

Siemens Basic Operator Panel 6SE6400-0BP00-0AA1

The Micromaster 420 and 440 series models are supplied with a Status Display Panel (SDP). When a higher level of control, information feedback or the ability to change parameters is required, an operator panel must be used. There are 2 options: Basic Operator Panel (BOP) or Advanced Operator Panel (AOP).

Basic Operator Panel (BOP)

With this panel the user can change the default settings for a particular application. Using the BOP it is possible to access to levels 1 to 3 of the parameter set. Factors which can be modified include:

Direction of motor rotation

Advanced Operator Panel (AOP)

Additional feature over BOP:

Communication via RS-232 interface
Expanded language facility
Diagnostic menu & fault finding assistance
Values displayed e.g. speed, frequency
Capacity to store & download up to 10 parameters sets
Digital & Analogue inputs
Serial link via USS Protocol
Automated system via Profibus connection

Siemens Micromaster 420//440 Range

The 400 series family is the next step in the evolution of the Micromaster inverter range. It builds on the success of the previous versions, which made it a global favourite for motor control.

With the BOP, individual parameter settings can be made. Values and units are shown on a 5-digit display. A BOP can be used for several inverters. It can be directly mounted on the inverter or in a control cabinet door using a mounting kit.

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