6SE6400-1PB00-0AA0 SIEMENS Micromaster 4 Profibus Module Original Brand New

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  • 6SE6400-1PB00-0AA0
  • Voltage Range 5V
  • MICROMASTER 4 PROFIBUS module For mechanical reasons
  • For MM4 FX/GX the plug 6GK1500-0EA02 must be used

SIEMENS Micromaster 4 Profibus Module 6SE6400-1PB00-0AA0

This optional module is fitted to the front of a Micromaster 420, which enables it to work in a Profibus network

For more complex automation applications it is possible to add a Profibus module to allow the Micromaster inverter to be controlled via a Profibus DP serial bus
Operates as a decentralised I/O system, replacing traditional wiring to sensors or actuators
Operates on an RS-485 serial bus system
Operates at speed of up to 12MB
Protocol defined as DIN 19245 and also EN50170, thereby guaranteeing open, multi-sensor communications between Profibus stations
Up to 125 stations can be networked together in a single system
The module can be powered by a external 24V supply, to allow it to remain active in the network even when the inverter is powered down

Siemens Micromaster 420//440 Range

The 400 series family is the next step in the evolution of the Micromaster inverter range. It builds on the success of the previous versions, which made it a global favourite for motor control.


  • Cyclical process data exchange (PZD) in accordance with PROFIDrive Profile, version 2.0 or version 3.0
  • Parameter accessing:
  • Cyclical accessing of parameters (PKW) in accordance with PROFIDrive Profile version 2.0
  • Or acyclical accessing of parameters (data block 47) in accordance with PROFIDrive Profile version 3.0
  • Acyclical accessing of parameters (data block 100/data block 47) for the purpose of exchanging parameter values with a SIMATIC S7 CPU (Drive ES SIMATIC function block package)
  • Acyclical accessing of parameters for SIMATIC HMI or SIEMENS Drive STARTER tool.
  • Support of PROFIBUS control commands SYNC and FREEZE for synchronized data transfer between the master and several slaves
  • Internode communication for direct exchange of process data between PROFIBUS slaves (only in conjunction with SIMATIC S7 at the present time).
Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 105 × 215 × 60 mm
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