6SL3054-4FC00-2BA0 SIEMENS SINAMICS S210 SD card 512 MB Original Brand New


  • 6SL3054-4FC00-2BA0
  • SINAMICS S210 SD card 512 MB incl
  • Licensing (Certificate of License) V5.2 HF7

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SIEMENS SINAMICS S210 SD card 512 MB – 6SL3054-4FC00-2BA0


The parameter assignment, firmware and licenses for a converter can be stored on the SINAMICS SD memory card. When service is required, e.g. after the converter has been replaced and the data have been downloaded from the memory card the drive system is immediately ready for use again.

The memory card has the following functions:

  • Parameter settings can be written from the memory card to the converter or saved from the converter to the memory card
  • The memory card supports series commissioning without the use of a commissioning tool
  • If firmware is stored on the memory card, the firmware can be upgraded/downgraded during startup
  • It is used for storing licenses when using functions under license, e.g. the license for enabling the Extended Safety functions
    • Safe Stop 1 (SS1) 1)
    • Safe Stop 2 (SS2)
    • Safe Operating Stop (SOS)
    • Safely-Limited Speed (SLS)
    • Safe Speed Monitor (SSM)
    • Safe Direction (SDI)
    • Safely-Limited Acceleration (SLA)
    • Safe Brake Test (SBT) diagnostic function


In general, the converter can be operated without a memory card. However, it is necessary if licenses, such as the Extended Safety license, are required. The card must then remain permanently inserted.

Firmware V5.2 or higher is required for the 3 AC series or when using the SINAMICS Startdrive commissioning tool.

1) Safe Stop 1 time controlled (SS1-t) can also be found in the Basic Safety Functions.


SINAMICS S210 SD card 512 MB incl. licensing (Certificate of License) V5.2 HF7


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