6SL3203-0BB21-8VA0 SIEMENS SINAMICS V EMC Filter 200V Original Brand New


  • 6SL3203-0BB21-8VA0
  • ¬†SINAMICS V EMC filter 200-240 V
  • 1-phase-AC 18 A 50/6
  • For SINAMICS V90
  • Size 59x155x53 (WxHxD)

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SIEMENS SINAMICS V EMC Filter 200V – 6SL3203-0BB21-8VA0


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has become an essential property of electronic equipment. In view of the importance of this topic, the European legislator issued the EMC Directive as early as 1996 (89/336/EEC): it has since been incorporated at national level by the EU member states in the form of various EMC laws and regulations.

The current version of the EMC directive (2004/108/EC of December 15th, 2004) is now binding on all equipment put on the market.The EMC directive understands the term “equipment” as referring to both movable apparatus and fixed installations.

Although CE marking is not mandatory for the latter, these must, just like the equipment for which such marking is mandatory, observe the basic protection requirements. However, movable apparatus covers all equipment ready for use by the end user, as well as electronic subassemblies with an autonomous function which are manufactured in series and are not designed exclusively for assembly in a specific fixed installation.

However, basic components such as capacitors, inductors and EMC filters are excluded from the EMC directive and must not be CE-marked.

Manufacturers must declare that their apparatus conforms to the protection objectives of the EMC Directive by attaching a declaration of conformity as well as a CE conformity mark to all equipment and packaging. This implies that they assume responsibility vis-à-vis the legislators for observing the relevant emission limits and interference immunity requirements.

The harmonized standards listed under the Directive in the Official Journal of the EU are a recognized basis for the declaration of conformity.

The interference immunity requirements in particular are becoming increasingly important for the operators of equipment, installations and systems, as their correct functioning can be ensured only if sufficient EMC measures are taken. However, the need for constant functionality also implies high availability of installations and systems and thus represents a significant performance figure for the cost-effective operation of the equipment.

It should be noted that the CE conformity mark certifies not only electromagnetic compatibility but also the observance of all EU Directives relevant to the product in question.

The most important general directives are, in addition to the EMC Directive, the Low Voltage and Machine Directives. Some of these directives also include EMC requirements. Examples are the R&TTE Directive (radio and telecommunications terminal equipment) and the Medical Products Directive. The EMC Directive does not apply to products lying within the scope of these directives


SINAMICS V EMC filter 200-240 V 1-phase-AC 18 A 50/6 for SINAMICS V90 size 59x155x53 (WxHxD)


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Dimensions 53 × 59 × 155 mm


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