6SL3210-1PC26-8UL0 Siemens SINAMICS G120 POWER MODULE PM240-2 Original Brand New


  • 6SL3210-1PC26-8UL0
  • For Use With:1-Phase Motors, 3-Phase Motors
  • Output Frequency:0 to 550 Hz
  • Phase:Three-Phase
  • Series:SINAMICS G120 Series
  • UPC Code:804766090370

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Siemens SINAMICS G120 POWER MODULE PM240-2 6SL3210-1PC26-8UL0



PM240‑2 Power Modules – 0.55 kW to 250 kW (0.75 hp to 400 hp), IP20 degree of protection

PM240‑2 Power Modules, frame sizes FSA to FSG (with Control Unit and Operator Panel)

The PM240‑2 Power Modules are based on a new hardware platform. This permits an increase in power density as well as the application of innovative cooling concepts (push-through technology) with especially high requirements in terms of control cabinet cooling.

Furthermore, the PM240-2 Power Module is also suitable for use in safety-oriented applications. In conjunction with a fail-safe Control Unit, the drive can be transformed into a Safety Integrated Drive (see section Control Units).

The PM240‑2 Power Modules in frame sizes FSA to FSF are available both with and without an integrated line filter class A of compact design for 200 V, 400 V and 690 V line voltages (except PM240‑2 frame sizes FSD to FSF: 200 V). The PM240‑2 Power Modules in frame size FSG are available with an integrated line filter Category C3 of compact design for 400 V and 690 V line voltages, also with integrated line filter Category C2 for a line voltage of 400 V. In addition, a DC link reactor is integrated in the PM240‑2 Power Modules, frame sizes FSD to FSG, and therefore no line reactor is required.

The PM240-2 Power Modules with integrated line filter class A are suitable for connection to TN supply systems. Power Modules without integrated line filter can be connected to grounded TN/TT systems and non-grounded IT systems.

The PM240‑2 Power Module has an integrated braking chopper. In generating mode, the excess energy of the DC link can be dissipated by means of an optional braking resistor.

The permissible cable lengths between converter and motor are limited (for max. permissible cable lengths, see Integration). Longer cables can be used if output reactors are connected (see section Load-side power components).

Push-through variant

Example: PM240‑2 Power Modules, degree of protection IP20, push-through variant, frame sizes FSD to FSF (with Control Unit and Operator Panel)

The push-through variants in the frame sizes FSA to FSF allow the cooling fins of the Power Modules to be pushed through the rear panel of the control cabinet. Push-through variants should be used in applications where the amount of power loss generated inside the control cabinet itself must be minimized.

Shield plates and shield connection kits are available for use in the wiring installation of Control Units and Power Modules to ensure that it complies with EMC guidelines.
For more information, see Shield connection kits for Control Units and Power Modules in section Supplementary system components.

PM250 Power Modules – 7.5 kW to 90 kW (10 hp to 125 hp), IP20 degree of protection (6SL3210-1PC26-8UL0)

PM250 Power Modules, frame sizes FSC to FSF

PM250 Power Modules are suitable for a large number of applications in general mechanical engineering. Any braking energy is directly fed back into the line supply (four-quadrant applications – a braking chopper is not required).

The PM250 Power Module features an absolutely unique technology – Efficient Infeed Technology. This feature provides the ability to feed energy back into the supply system in the generator mode (electronic braking) so that the energy is not converted into heat in a braking resistor. This saves space in the control cabinet. The time-consuming process of dimensioning the braking resistor and the expense of the extra wiring are eliminated. Furthermore, heat losses in the control cabinet are reduced.

Further, the innovative circuit design reduces the line harmonics. There is no need to use an optional line reactor at the supply infeed. This saves space and costs for engineering and procurement.



All Power Modules have the following connections and interfaces:

  • PM‑IF interface to connect the Power Module to the Control Unit. The Power Module also supplies power to the Control Unit using an integrated power supply
  • Motor connection using screw-type terminals or screw studs
  • 2 PE/protective conductor connections
  • Shield connection plate

Connection example for PM240‑2 Power Modules, frame sizes FSA to FSC, with or without integrated line filter

Connection example for PM240‑2 Power Modules, frame sizes FSD to FSG, with or without integrated line filter

Connection example for PM250 Power Modules with or without integrated line filter

Power and DC link components that are optionally available depending on the Power Module used

The following line-side components, DC link components and load-side power components are optionally available in the appropriate frames sizes for the Power Modules:

U = Base component

S = Lateral mounting

I = Integrated

F = Power Modules available with and without integrated filter class A

– = Not possible

  1. The 200 V versions of the PM240‑2 Power Modules, frame sizes FSD to FSF, are only available without integrated line filter.
  2. There are no optional output reactors available for 690 V versions of PM240-2 Power Modules, frame sizes FSD and FSE.
  3. Lateral mounting is the only possible option for push-through variants.
  4. The 690 V versions of the PM240‑2 Power Modules frame size FSG are only available with an integrated Category C3 filter. To operate the converter also within TN systems with grounded outer conductor, you must remove the grounding screw.
  5. With the appropriate wiring, the line reactors for 200 V 3 AC can be used for the 200 V versions for 200 V 1 AC.
  6. For frame sizes FSA to FSC, for lines with uk < 1 %, it is recommended that you use a line reactor or the next more powerful Power Module.
  7. A line reactor is not required and must not be used in conjunction with a PM250 Power Module.
  8. A PM250 Power Module is capable of line-commutated energy feedback. A braking resistor cannot be connected and is not necessary.
  9. The 690 V versions of the PM240‑2 Power Modules require motors with a suitable isolating system for 690 V converter operation (IVIC‑C premium). The VSD10 line with corresponding SIMOTICS GP 1LE109 General Purpose motors or SIMOTICS SD 1LE159 Severe Duty motors is ideally suited for converter operation at 690 V.

General Design Information


Converter comprising a Power Module (PM), a Control Unit (CU), and base components (side view)

  • If at all possible, the line filter should be mounted directly below the converter 1).
  • With lateral mounting, the line-side components have to be mounted on the left side of the converter, and the load-side
    components on the right side.
  • Braking resistors have to be mounted directly on the control cabinet wall due to heating issues.


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 18.300 kg
Dimensions 356.00 × 495.00 × 300.00 mm


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