6SL3243-0BB30-1FA0 Siemens SINAMICS G120 Control Unit CU230P-2 Original Brand New


  • 6SL3243-0BB30-1FA0
  • For Use With:1-Phase Motors, 3-Phase Motors
  • Output Frequency:0 to 550 Hz
  • Protocol Type:EtherNet/IP ; PROFINET
  • Series:SINAMICS G120 Series
  • Special Features:Control Panel
  • UPC Code:887621266110

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Siemens SINAMICS G120 Control Unit CU230P-2 PN integrates PROFINET 6 DI 6SL3243-0BB30-1FA0


Example: CU230P-2 PN Control Unit

The CU230P-2 Control Units are designed for drives with integrated technological functions for pump, fan and compressor applications. The I/O interface, the fieldbus interfaces and the additional software functions optimally support these applications.


Shield plates and shield connection kits are available. These can be used in the wiring installation for the Control Units and PM230/PM240P-2 Power Modules to ensure that it complies with EMC guidelines.
For more information, see Shield connection kits and shield plates for Control Units and Power Modules in section Supplementary system components.

PM330 Power Modules are supplied with the accessories needed to create an EMC-compliant wiring installation for Control Units and Power Modules. The Control Unit mounting surface on the Power Modules has mounting slots for shielding terminals.


CU230P‑2 HVAC, CU230P‑2 DP and CU230P‑2 PN Control Units

Example: CU230P‑2 Control Unit with open and closed terminal covers

1) The following applies to systems complying with UL: A maximum of 3 A, 30 V DC or 2 A, 250 V AC may be connected via terminals 18 / 20 (DO0 NC) and 23 / 25 (DO2 NC).


Below is a list of functions sorted according to the following categories:

Control modes
  • Linear and quadratic torque characteristic for fluid flow and positive displacement machines
  • ECO mode for additional energy saving in U/f control mode
  • Sensorless vector control for sophisticated control tasks and high-output motors
  • 2 analog inputs (current/voltage can be selected) to directly connect pressure/level sensors
  • 2 additional analog inputs to connect Pt1000/LG‑Ni1000/DIN‑Ni1000 temperature sensors
  • Direct control of valves and flaps using two 230 V AC relays
  • PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, USS, BACnet MS/TP, FLN P1, and Modbus-RTU communication
Software functions
  • Automatic restart function after power failure
  • Automatic restart
  • Flying restart
  • Skip frequencies
  • 1 PID controller for the closed-loop control of the motor speed as process controller for temperature, pressure, air quality or levels
  • 3 freely-programmable PID controllers
  • Hibernation mode
  • Load check function to monitor belts and flow
  • Cascade connection
  • Multi-zone controller
  • Essential service mode
  • Real time clock with three time generators
IOP‑2 wizards for special applications with and without PID controller, such as
  • Pumps: Positive displacement (constant load torque) and centrifugal pumps (quadratic load torque)
  • Fans: Radial and axial fans (quadratic load torque)
  • Compressors: Positive displacement (constant load torque) and fluid flow machines (quadratic load torque)


Connection example for the CU230P‑2 Control Unit series

More information about the interfaces of the Control Unit is available on the Internet at

Communication interface USS, Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, FLN P1 for CU230P‑2 HVAC

PROFIBUS DP communication interface

PROFINET communication interface, EtherNet/IP

Technical specifications


SINAMICS G120 Control Unit CU230P-2 PN integrates PROFINET 6 DI, 3 DO, 4 AI, 2 AO 1 motor temperature sensor input 2 PSU-out (10 V DC, 24 V DC) 1 PSU-in (24 V DC) USB and MMC interface Degree of protection IP20


DataSheet in PDF

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Dimensions 100.00 × 215.00 × 100.00 mm


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