6XV1875-5AH20 Siemens Connection cable


  • 6XV1875-5AH20
  • Flexible connection cable
  • N-Connect male/male
  • Length: 2 m

Connection cable Siemens 6XV1875-5AH20


A comprehensive, coordinated range of coaxial accessories is offered for flexible combination and installation of the individual IWLAN components indoors and outdoors.

This range encompasses connecting cables as well as diverse connectors, lightning protection elements, a power splitter and an attenuator.


  • Flexible use thanks to extensive, coordinated range
  • Outdoor operation also possible with extended temperature range and protection against water and dust thanks to degree of protection IP65 or higher
  • Components are suitable for use with SCALANCE W700 and W1700 including national approvals


Flexible antenna connecting cables

  • These flexible connecting cables are required for connecting RCoax segments or antennas with active devices.
  • The cables offer low attenuation so that the quality of the radio signal is only minimally affected.
  • All antenna cables are flame-resistant, chemical-resistant and silicone-free.
  • These cables are also suitable for railway applications and meet the increased requirements for ambient conditions and fire protection which are required for use in vehicles (including EN45545-2).

Terminating resistors

  • Terminating resistors are required for wireless termination of unused antenna connections at the access points and clients.
  • RCoax segments must be terminated at the end with a terminating resistor.

Lightning protection elements

  • When separate antennas are used outdoors, there is a risk of lightning strikes.
  • A lightning protector can be used to prevent damage.

Cabinet feedthroughs

Together with the antenna connecting cables, the cabinet feedthroughs enable simple connection of remote antennas to the active components located in the control cabinet/box.


The 10 dB attenuator is always used when the transmitted power has to be reduced both in the send and receive directions. Typical application areas include short RCoax segments or directional wireless links which are to be limited in extent.

Power splitters

  • With the help of the power splitter, the transmission power of an access point is divided between two RCoax or antenna segments.
  • This enables wireless coverage in two areas using just one access point.
Product variants

Flexible antenna connecting cables

  • Pre-assembled cable lengths (0.3 m, 1 m, 2 m, 5 m and 10 m)
  • Different connector types and combinations (N-Connect, R-SMA, SMA, QMA)
  • Two different cable versions: Standard cables and cables suitable for railway applications

Terminating resistors

  • TI795-1R: Terminating resistor 50 ohms for R-SMA antenna sockets
  • TI795-1N: Terminating resistor 50 ohms for N-Connect antenna sockets or RCoax segments

Lightning protection elements

  • LP798-2N: Maintenance-free lightning protection element for N-Connect connections
    • Quarter-wave system (lambda-quarter) for the frequency range 2 to 6 GHz
    • Represents a short-circuit for DC voltages so that all types of overvoltage can be reliably diverted
    • Not suitable for DC infeed via the antenna cable
  • LP798-1N: Lightning protection element for N-Connect connections
    • With gas discharge arrester for the frequency range 0 to 6 GHz for N-Connect connections
    • Suitable for DC infeed via the antenna cable

Cabinet feedthroughs

  • N-Connect female/SMA female with fastening flange for panel thicknesses up to 5.5 mm
  • N-Connect female/N-Connect female without flange for panel thicknesses up to 4.5 mm
    • Can also be used to connect two antenna connecting cables

Technical specifications


More information

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N-Connect male/male flexible connection cable pre-assembled; length 2 m flexible cable, for example, for the connection to antennas, suitable for IWLAN and mobile radio


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.221 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 mm


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