8US1921-2AA00 Siemens Busbar System Original Brand New


  • 8US1921-2AA00
  • Alternate Mfr Part Number:8US1921-2AA00
  • Primary Type:External Accessories
  • Type:Bus Bars
  • UPC Code:754554366371

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Siemens Busbar system – 8US1921-2AA00


Busbar Systems

Simplified distribution board design and time-saving assembly

Simplified assembly and connection of electrical power distribution systems and devices ensures that customer requirements can be met more quickly and flexibly. In addition, installation and plant engineers benefit from a simplified configuration and reduced space requirements in distribution systems and control cabinets. Our busbar systems for electrical installations offer a particularly easy way of fitting distribution systems with electrotechnical components. The modular design saves space, while quick assembly contacts ensure fast mounting.

Whether for infrastructure or industrial applications, Siemens offers the right accessories for all FI and miniature circuit breakers. So you have the right device for every requirement. The 8US1921-2AA00 Siemens accessories for residual current circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers are characterized above all by: 1. Universal attachment of all additional components. 2. Convenient and easy installation and connection technology. 3. Reliable safety during installation thanks to standard touch protection. 4. Optimum technology for your safety – only from Siemens. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices, distribution systems, switches and sockets for the safe, efficient electrical infrastructure in buildings and industry.


Siemens 8US1921-2AA00, Busbar system, accessories Busbar center-to-center spacing 40, 60 mm Connection terminal Bar thickness: 5 mm 1.5-16 mm2, siemens sentron connecting terminals


DataSheet in PDF

Weight 0.021100 kg
Dimensions 23.00 × 39.00 × 12.00 mm


product brand name


product designation

Connecting terminal

design of the product


operating voltage / at AC / rated value

690 V

power loss [W]

0 W

operational current / at AC / rated value

65 A


connection terminal 5 mm, 1.5 to 16

operational current / acc. to UL 508 / rated value

65 A

type of connectable conductor cross-sections / for copper conductor / stranded

1.5-16 mm²



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