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About Us


Address: 12 Science and Technology W Ave, Science Park, Hong Kong

TURLL Registered No. 3148206

VAT Registration No. 73998125


TURLL is your global business partner, who you can truly rely on to supply more than just great products.

The HK's independent Automation and Control Distributor

Our service has always been about far more than just the parts we supply.

From the day we were founded, we have prided ourselves on adding real value to our customers’ process.
Today, this means helping business quickly identify and install their ideal automation solutions, which goes far beyond distribution.


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Why Choose Us

We know business

That’s why we combine our unrivalled stock and logistics with unbeatable service and expertise across all of our nationwide branches.

We are experienced

Our experienced engineering team regularly deliver innovative solutions, training and support that is tailored to the diverse needs of our varied customer base.

Not just a distributor

This approach ensures we provide creative solutions, reliable results and a technical excellence which our competitors simply cannot match.

Our Partners

Our Expert Team

We have been providing customers with the best automation products for many years.  Alongside state of the art equipment from leading manufacturers, we also offer engineering solutions and a wide range of training. Our cross-industry expertise means we can make a genuine contribution to improving productivity, efficiency, performance and energy consumption, helping customers in a diverse variety of sectors to raise quality and drive down costs.

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Josh LEE

Head of Sales Department

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Senior Engineer

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Samantha NG

Technical Engineer


16/F, Ho King Centre, 2-16, Fa Yuen St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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