Phone and e-mail orders

To place a phone order please call +852 6339 7344.
Export department speaks the following languages:

  • English,

You can also send orders to the address [email protected]


Before placing the first order by phone or e-mail, it is necessary to register on the website and obtain the customer number, which must be specified in the order.

Fax orders

You can also place an order by fax no. +852 6339 7344. Please remember to include your company data and name of a person who we will be able to contact in case of doubts. If you have been our customer, you have already had your customer’s number (it is always placed in the invoice’s heading). Please use it while ordering to avoid mistakes.

Internet orders on www.turll.com

If you visit our website for the first time, or if you do not have your login and you password yet, fill in the new Customer registration form and register in our Customers’ database.
If you already have your logging data, fill in the fields: login and password and confirm with the “logging in” button. If it is necessary, fill in the contact person identifying form.
If you have any not closed orders, their list will appear in the cart (in the upper right catalogue corner). Then you can add successive products to the previously opened order or to select the new order creation option.
Select the appropriate article, by using the search engine or browsing through groups of products. During the search you can use your own, previously entered symbols, selecting the “search by my symbols” field.

Enter the selected quantity of the selected article, paying attention to:

  • Multiplicity stated in the “ordered quantity” column,
  • minimum product quantity, which is specified by the fewest quantity stated for a given product in the price chart,
  • completeness of the supply – you decide yourself, whether in case of the required stock on hand shortage you will be waiting for the complete product’s supply, or your supplies are to be realized after the warehouse stock is completed,
  • Customer’s symbol you can enter your own denomination for a TURLL product in this field.

Confirm with the “order” button. Ordering (confirmed with the “order” button) of an article makes it immediately reserved in the warehouse, which is confirmed by the quantity change in the “warehouse quantity” and by the occurrence of the selected product in the cart.

The maximum value of order line and entire order in a single day is subject to limitations. If you’re unable to add selected products to the cart due to these limits, please contact our Sales Dept.

If you create a new order, then while adding the first product you will see the order heading, which you need to fill in.

  • all the addresses essential for placing the order i.e. invoicing address, ordering person’s address and shipping addresses possible to select..
  • Customer’s order number – company’s own designation of a TURLL order
  • date of realization of the order – order fulfillment date required by a Customer
  • NIP/VAT EU numbers – this number will be visible in the invoice
  • shipment type – type of carrier fulfilling the package delivery
  • type of payment – kind of payment for a given order

The header data can be edited during the whole ordering process.
If you want to order from the offer line, click on the “There is an offer” link by a given product and then click on the “Ordering” button.
A person using this offer can only order a quantity which is proposed at a given price.
If you want to modify the quantity of the element ordered or to resign from the product, proceed to the cart and make the necessary changes, by entering the required quantity in the “new quantity” column and by confirming the alteration with the diskette icon.
The confirmation of the change made will be:

  • a new quantity of the product in its product line or removal of a given line from the order
  • a change of stock on hand in the warehouse.

If you want to make an advance payment for the products ordered, you have to create a pro forma invoice. For this purpose tick the advance payment in the frame with the method of payment selection while placing your order. If you want to direct your order to realization, use the “finish the order” button. After having finished the order with the “finish the order” button, you will see the summary on the screen. Check, whether all the data entered is correct and confirm your order.
You can also state your e-mail address to which your order confirmation in PDF format will be sent.

Please, finish the order by means of “finish the order” button before 2 o’clock a.m. CET. If until this time you do not direct the order to the execution by means of the “finish the order” button, all products ordered before 2 o’clock a.m. will be removed from your order.

Mail orders

You can also order by traditional mail. Please send letters to this address:


12 Science and Technology W Ave, Science Park, Hong Kong